Panama’s small terrestrial land has a wide range of towns and interesting landscapes along with countless vacation possibilities. You can easily spot islands and beautiful beaches along the Pacific coasts. The superficial mountains are a residence to coffee farms, flora, and fauna, and some remarkable hiking rows are part of Panama things to do.

In beautiful Panama City, you will get urban dining, shopping, and a variety of activities to do, which includes the place’s most extravagant view, the Panama Canal. The majority of the first-time travelers head over to Casco Viejo, also known as the Old Town, to absorb the sultry atmosphere and experience the city’s ancient past. But for many of the Panama City is just a beginning point before they start their adventure.

Panama is among the best countries that you should visit. Despite the scorching heat of Central America, you are bound to enjoy the environment here, which has a number of things to offer to its tourists.

Here, you can find some of the top 10 things to do in Panama Florida to value the best flavors that this beautiful country has to offer.

Surf In The Bocas Del Toro Beach

Bocas del Toro is mainly known as the country’s most famous beach destination. This place has a typical range of tropical islands that are near to the border which is renowned for its gorgeous and sandy beaches covered by crystal waters.

The atmosphere of the beautiful beach is super relaxed. You will find many young travel enthusiasts coming here and then staying for years or more. Some best things to experience in Bocas del Toro include surfing or just relaxing on the sands. Activities here are generally very affordable.

Although you will spot many expensive resorts, this is an affordable destination, for both unmarried people as well as couples.  This place is not only renowned for the seashore, but you can also locate the extensions of sand on the island by taking a ferry ride. A few of the most interesting as well as famous beaches are the Red Frog Beach and StarFish Beach. No wonder, surfing is one of the best things to do in Panama city beach.

This place also has an additional airport, which assists the visitors to reach the islands. If you are surveying the place via public transport, you will come and stop near Boquete. Now, from here, you can ride 3.5 hours over to Almirante, and now, you need to take a 25-minute ferry ride to Bocas del Toro.

Hiking In Boquete

Boquete has a soothing climate, where you can escape the offensive heat of the coastal areas. This gorgeous city is very safe and relaxed. Some of the things that people love here are the fantastic restaurants, as well as luxury inns and hotels. This is one of Panama’s most crucial coffee-growing areas and is mainly known as a hotspot for fauna and nature, specifically for birdwatching and hiking. Having a vehicle would be a great alternative for experiencing the subtle atmosphere of mountains and the nearby sites.

Tourists can also arrange tours to the nearby coffee plantations. Remember to experience one of the best drives in Panama which commence from the outskirts of Boquete. This scenic beauty about passes a phenomenal river, a castle, and some of the most gorgeous waterfalls. This route also has some amazing views of the valley along the slopes of Volcan Baru. If you are looking for some of the adventurous and free things to do in Panama this weekend then you should come to Boquete.

Stroll Through The Streets Of Casco Viejo

You will get to know a lot about the history of this city as you stroll through the streets of Casco Viejo, which is popularly known as The Old Town. This place is compact, and all the sights are easily accessible while strolling. During sunset, the buildings are well lit and the restaurants have well-set tables and chairs on the pathways. It is an ideal place for your romantic getaway, with antique hotels situated in buildings coming from the 18th or 19th centuries.

Stay At Playo Cornado

In case you need to relax in Panama while enjoying the beach then Playa Coronado is a perfect place for you. The beaches here are miles long and are a beautiful mixture of sparkling golden sand. You will spot some famous American restaurants here and also a large mall for you to shop your heart out. Playa Coronado has some great beachfront stays along with delicious dinners which makes it perfect in every way.

Soberania National Park

The lush surroundings of this National Park make it easy to secure its place among the best attractions in the city. Situated on the banks of the Panama Canal, this rainforest is among some best-suited places for birdwatching. The national park is a habitat for over 500  bird species and over 100 varieties of mammals.

Besides wildlife, the visitors can also visit the Embera Indians which is the last tribe in Panama. They welcome the travelers and help them to learn more about their authenticity and lifestyle.

Exploring Taboga

Taboga is a very beautiful colorful island and is one of the gems of the city. Ranging from the green hills to the sandy coastline, Taboga has everything that is needed to attract visitors who are eyeing a serene escape from the urban surroundings.

Utilize your day strolling through the colorful village, or trekking up the Cerro de la Cruz. If you want some relaxation, you can choose to chill under the palm trees or get yourself an authentic drink from one of the beach bars.

Coffee Tasting

Arrange a visit to the town of Boquete for coffee tasting sessions. Here, you will spot plenty of farms and plantations where you can get samples of the rarest and the most expensive Esmeralda coffee beans. If you are fond of trying a variety of coffee items then this is one of the top things to do in Panama Florida you shouldn’t miss.

Enjoy Pearl Islands

Located off the Panama coast you will find the Pearl Islands. Although there are many more islands, the majority of tourists want to spend their time on Pearl Islands.

Innumerable people come here for soaking underneath the sun and some relaxation. Pearl Islands offers various outdoor activities that you can enjoy. Diving and snorkeling are two of the fun activities. Whale watching could also be a part of your trip especially if it’s the breeding season.

Darien National Park

Your trip to Panama would be counted as incomplete if you don’t visit Darien National Park. This national park is one among those few places where you can experience many habitats and ecosystems in a single place. You can also enjoy trekking through the mangrove forests and hiking along the rocky coastlines. Darien National Park is a habitat for wildlife like jaguars, Spider monkeys, anteaters, and even some endangered Tapirs who stroll along the park. If you are looking for unique things to do in Panama with kids then you must explore this park.

Amador Causeway

There are always a number of things happening on the Amador Causeway. This 3.5-mile route goes through the Panama Canal and links the main islands to the mainland. Here, you will not only spot restaurants and museums, but you would also enjoy the best views of the Panama Canal. If you are finding ways to burn calories during the tour, you can also advantage ride a bicycle and jog through the route. No wonder, it is one of the fun things to do in Panama city with your family or friends.

Your Journey Doesn’t End Here

The tourism industry is growing in Panama while attracting millions of travelers every year. Now you know what to do in Panama, you can plan your itinerary with total enthusiasm. With plenty of islands and chilled vibes on one side, Panama city delivers the best of beach attractions. The city enjoys a metropolitan infrastructure, which makes travel super convenient and easy. Panama is as wild as you want your trips to be. Check our North America travel guides to know about the best places to visit near Panama.

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