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NITISHA DASAn Experienced Content Creator

A young brooding writer from the land of Temples, Odisha, with a keen knowledge of creativity and content creation. She is pursuing her master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University. Being a writer for years, she continues to thrive in the path of knowledge and hard work equipped with skills and dedication. She also holds experience with dignitary publication houses and print journalism.


Shivangi Dilip Mujumdar

She has a passion to write and spread the wings of Knowledge in a simple way. From a journey as a fresher in Content creation, then ghostwriter, copy editor, and to now with a tiny startup Wonderword4u, Shivangi has come a long way.  She loves dogs and is also crazy about food and traveling. She loves her work because it allows her to learn new things every day. As a content developer, she has earned a reputable name in the industry for which her family and friends are proud of and clients are happy to work with. 


Bhagwati Writings

Bhagwati Writings is a startup having a dedicated team of writers who follow their passion and show creativity towards their work. They ensure three things in content – Creativity, Expression, and Engagement. Their mission is to move ahead with this passion and leave an impression on their readers. You will find their team of writers involved in various niches – whether it is traveling, health, or technology. With their love for writing and invincible passion, they are climbing the ladder to success.