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NITISHA DASAn Experienced Content Creator

A young brooding writer from the land of Temples, Odisha, with a keen knowledge of creativity and content creation. She is pursuing her master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University. Being a writer for years, she continues to thrive in the path of knowledge and hard work equipped with skills and dedication. She also holds experience with dignitary publication houses and print journalism.


PAREESHA VAJANI – Travel Enthusiast Who Loves Writing

She is a travel enthusiast from the relentless city – Mumbai.  She is a Mass Media student with majors in Advertising. She believes in a travel to different destinations, physically and also via stories. She wants to keep exploring and expanding her capabilities and knowledge in content creation and curation. She has been writing for years and aims to continue to do so in all her capacity.


RIYA BAGARIA – A Diligent Writer Who Keeps Exploring

From the City of Dreams, Mumbai, Riya believes in experiencing and exploring. Having completed her bachelor’s in media, majoring in journalism, Riya is always on the lookout for honing her writing skills. Writing is her escape. She loves travel and writing, and believes each destination as an unique experience to offer which is waiting to be documented.