The United States of America: land of opportunities and never-ending places to visit. From snow-covered peaks to sandy beaches, the United States is home to world’s mesmerizing places. As there are plenty of good places to travel in USA, the country is full of visitors worldwide.

So, here is a list of ten best travel places in US to visit. Each of these spots have distinct characteristics for every season.

Popular Travel Places in US To Visit

Folly Beach, South Carolina

How can one forget the lively Folly Beach when it comes to best travel sites in USA? Nestled in South Carolina, the place is probably one of the country’s last beach towns.

Folly Beach has an area of approximately 12 square miles packed with interesting activities. On visiting Folly Beach, you’ll will notice an unique charm and greetings from the locals.

Besides, the southern part of the United States is known for its hospitality and noble residents. Folly Beach has a rich historic spot known as “The Porgy House. “ Built in early 1900s, this property was a dwelling place of Dubose and Dorothy Heyward.

The two individuals were Charleston authors who contributed significantly in American literature. Moreover, The Porgy House deeply influenced the great American composer George Gershwin. So, if you are one of those history lovers, Folly Beach is your must travel places in USA.

Glacier National Park, Montana

The Glacier National Park is a hotspot for geologists around the globe, as there are glacier remnants from the ice age. Moreover, the United States government has named the place as “Crown of the Continent. “

If hiking is your passion, get your gear and set off for Glacier National Park. The challenging icy terrain of the Grinnell Glacier might give you the best adventure of your life.

Full of towering cedar trees, Glacier National park is also a captivating region for botanists. Moreover, this national park is a region of more than 700 lakes, making it one of the best travel sites in USA.

You will encounter countless waterfalls and a variety of wildlife on traveling here. Don’t forget to have a long drive on the “Going-to -the Sun-Road.”

This road stretches over 50 miles and offers never-forgetting views. After a long day of traveling, you can book a hotel constructed in the early 20th century.

Grand Canyon National Park

Geographical expansion of over six million years made this place a UNESCO world heritage site. The Grand Canyon National Park is an iconic getaway for visitors around the globe for centuries.

Each year more than four million visitors arrive here to gaze its orange grandeur. If you are a hiker and never visited Grand Canyon National Park, hurry up.

The Grand Canyon National Park is a mecca and ambition for hikers. Apart from being a world heritage site, this place is one of the budget-friendly places in USA.

Reports say that majority of visitors prefer to visit the southern side of the Grand Canyon. This side of park hosts several activities like mule rides and has challenging hiking trails.

Hike on the Canyon Rim Trail and take an easy walk on the side. The authorities have installed rigid fencing along the cliffs to avoid accidents. On clear visibility, you can have a mesmerizing sight extending 60 miles west and 30 miles east.

Honolulu, Oahu

What are the best travel places in USA? Well, Honolulu is a perfect blend of urban luxury and amazing beaches.

This place has probably the maximum number of visitors and breath-taking views amongst the Hawaiian-islands. Moreover, Honolulu has great historic significance symbolizing the mighty USS Arizona.

USS Arizona was a legendary battleship which served the US Marine in World War II. However, it is now turned into a National memorial museum by the United States government.

You can also visit the Iolani Palace to gaze upon the marvellous architecture. You will find the authentic rural Honolulu and trails on the northern shore.

Waters in this region are crystal-clear and a hub for water skiing activities. The best time to visit Honolulu and all Hawaiian-islands falls between mid-April to early-June. So, figure out some spring break ideas before you visit Honolulu.

New York City

Ever been to the United States but never visited New York? Well, you are missing one of the best travel places in US to visit.

The city needs no introduction as it is the capital of the United States of America. Being a crowded cosmopolitan city with the highest population density, New York is evolving exponentially.

Towering skyscrapers and iconic landmarks make the American city distinct from other states. Moreover, the city has trendy cafes, bakeries and an array of shops in the Fifth Avenue.

Transportation in the NYC is world-class where you shall find countless taxis to serve you. If you are in the New York City, Times Square is the foremost place you must be.

Flickering Neon lights makes the place worth visiting in the evening. The New York City never sleeps and offers visitors a long list of activities to take part in.

Seattle, Washington

If you love travelling to places having heavy rainfall, visit Seattle. This place in Washington is known for its gloomy and cloudy weather.

Moreover, Seattle produces and the country’s best coffee and is also rich in art and craft. You might also encounter various outdoor activities when the weather permits.

However, you can participate in water activities like boating, kayaking, and more. Seattle is a famous hub for whale watching, as the place is situated between Puget Sound and Lake Washington.

The Olympic Mountain is just miles away from Seattle and Mount Rainer is visible to every naked eye from here. Places like Seattle Art Museum, Chihuly Garden and Glass makes Seattle one of the best travel sites in USA.

Sin City, Las Vegas

Better known as America’s playground, Sin City is also known as the world hub of entertainment. This is probably the place where no visitors get bored, as it is on the list of must travel places in USA.

Sin City in Las Vegas is more like a theme park than a city. As Las Vegas is constantly evolving over the fast few decades, the number of tourists in this region trends to increase.

Moreover, some Bollywood masterpieces like “The Hangover “ was shot in Las Vegas. Think of never sleeping while you are in Las Vegas. You can spend the night partying at the famous TAO nightclub.

Get on an ATV to ride on the beach or take a helicopter tour to gaze upon the majestic Hover Dam.

Moab, Utah

Moab is one of the best budget-friendly travel places to visit in USA. Located in eastern Utah this place is an iconic rock formation shaped by several geographical factors.

Arches and Canyonlands are two most prominent National parks in Moab. Visitors love to take helicopter tours to watch the red rock formations.

Moreover, one can also choose to raft along the Colorado river and click some amazing pictures. Moab is a hub for mountain bikers and off roaders.

On traveling this place, you might witness huge monster trucks rolling on top of the rocks. When it comes to climate, Moab receives an optimum rainfall of ten inches per year. Such overwhelming climate makes this place an ideal getaway for adventure seekers.

Destin, Florida

This peninsular Paradise is crowned as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village, ” and a famous vacation spot in Florida. Moreover, Destin is one of the cheap places to travel in US with beaches.

The village was founded in 1850 and the residents were dependent on fishing since. Later the US administration built a bridge that connected Destin to Florida’s mainland.

Destin has a population of nearly 14,000 but the number increases during summer. Besides Marine life, the place is rich in Appalachian quartz: an element used to make clocks.

You spend your day fishing on the shore of playing golf at the arena. So, book cheap flights using Google flights and reach Destin at ease.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg is a great getaway for solo campers and hikers. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Gatlinburg is one of the top places in USA to travel alone. However, if you are traveling with your family, take part in horse riding activities.

Moreover, you can enjoy the thrill at Anakeesta theme park by riding the rollercoaster. This place has a plethora of rides and hosts different activities according to your taste. Visit the Gatlinburg Space Needle to click some amazing photos of the foggy forest.

Also, you can get on the Ober Also, you can get on the Ober Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway to make an unforgettable memory. After a day of thrilling adventures, you can go downtown for shopping or feed turtles at the Ripley Aquarium.

To Conclude

Are you still confused about what are the best travel places in USA? If yes, do a deeper research on this list of must travel places in US. Be it a sandy beach or a mountain with challenging trails, the above-mentioned list has it all.

Traveling to the United States will perhaps be the best experience you’ve ever had. Book your tickets now and fly to explore these places in the USA.