The Caribbean Sea is probably the best location to spend your holiday alone or with loved ones. However, the US Virgin Islands have a limited number of all-inclusive resorts.

The US Virgin Islands are a group of four major islands and over fifty small islets. St. Croix being the largest island has the maximum number of visitors annually.

On the other hand, St. John is famous for its Caribbean culture and is a popular spot for honeymooners. In this list, we shall introduce some of the best US Virgin Island luxury resorts all inclusive.

Best US Virgin Island Resorts all inclusive

Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort

Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort is among the best all inclusive resorts in US Virgin Island adult only. The resort is located on St. Croix and also has a casino with old-fashioned interior décor.

You spend late nights gaming as there are multiple slots available. As the place is a hub of live entertainment, Americans love spending their weekend here.

Divi Carina also hosts a plethora of outdoor activities such as mini-golf and water sports. The property has approximately one thousand feet of luxurious beachfront with two swimming pools.

Moreover, you can get access to more than five restaurants that include a poolside bar. Don’t forget to visit the Oceans Bar cum Grill and relax beneath its lively atmosphere.

Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

Being one of the most visited US Virgin Island all inclusive resorts for families, Bolongo Bay Resort remains full of visitors.

This property is nestled near the coast of Charlotte Amalie: the capital city of the Virgin Islands. You will get access to over twenty-five special luxury rooms beside the thousand-foot-long shore.

Beachfront rooms have a shiny wooden décor with a spacious balcony featuring an oceanic view. Moreover, you can choose from beachfront rooms to exotic villas to spend your vacation.

So, if you are searching for places to enjoy your honeymoon, consider staying in Bolongo Bay Beach Resort. Participate in the morning Yoga classes to boost your day or enjoy live entertainment.

There are two large swimming pools with bars in the front having a wide liquor collection. Drinks in the bars include island-inspired cocktails, champagne, and more to make your mood.

Buccaneer Beach and Golf Resort

Located on St. Croix, this luxurious resort was the foremost built property on the island. Buccaneer Beach and Golf Resort display the island’s old charm with a warm gesture.

Such hospitality earned the resort some world-class awards and positive reviews from former visitors. The property is a vast three-hundred-forty-acre tropical estate that hosts several engaging activities.

Private villas in Buccaneer Beach and Golf Resort this property is one of the top resorts in US Virgin Island. You shall get access to six luxurious bedrooms facilitating two freshwater swimming pools.

The best feature of these private villas is the spacious balconies that offer breathtaking views. Moreover, there is an eighteen-hole golf course with more than four restaurants built beside it.

Don’t miss dining at “The Mermaid” where you can have the famous “Beachfront Cabana Dining” and “The Brass Parrot.”

Gallows Point Resort

Gallows Point Resort is one of the all inclusive resorts in US Virgin island adult only, and there is no entry for children under five years.

The property was established in 1948 on the Isle of St. John and has had several suite options since. You can choose suites that feature an Oceanic view or the nearby harbor.

Each suite is equipped with unlimited Wi-Fi, a TV, music players, and even air-conditioned washrooms. Fitness classes in the Gallows Point Resort vary depending on the season you visit.

You can participate in aerobics, and cycling in summer but water activities are prohibited in the winter. So, the best time to visit Gallows Point Resort falls between mid-April to early September.

Snorkeling and diving allow visitors to experience marine life to its closest. Moreover, Gallows Point Resort offers its visitors to choose from an array of 362 dishes. Most cuisines in this resort are marine food and beverages include cold coffee, tea, and many refreshing drinks.

Marriott Frenchman’s Cove

If you love places combined with mesmerizing hillside views with marine life, visit Marriot Frenchman’s Cove.

Being one of the US Virgin Islands best resorts, the Frenchman has spacious villas. The property is situated on a lovely hillside in St. Thomas and is too rich in marine life.

Accommodations in the Marriot Frenchman are stylish villas with wooden décor and spacious balconies. Like most US Virgin Islands beach resorts, this property has two freshwater swimming pools.

You can enjoy your vacation sliding through the waterslides or relaxing beneath the Caribbean Sun. The Marriot Frenchman’s Cove cares about your health and organizes fitness programs periodically. The resort offers a complete family package and is among the best resorts in the USA all-inclusive.

The Waves at Cane Bay

As it is named, The Waves at Cane Bay is known for its picturesque oceanfront. The property is located in Kingshill and is an ideal vacation getaway for families.

Imagine how wonderful it is to wake up in the morning and the Pacific Ocean be the first thing you see. Balconies in The Waves at Cane Bay has a wooden furnishing and is quite spacious to attend breakfast.

Moreover, you’ll get to watch mesmerizing sunset and sunrise views during your stay. Apart from Wi-Fi and television, each room has a microwave and stovetop allowing you to cook your own.

The Waves at Cane Bay has two bars and a restaurant that offers exotic cuisines and drinks. Don’t forget to take the AMA Cane Bay: the resort’s signature seafood.

Surfing, snorkeling, and diving are the common amenities provided by the resort. However, visiting bars is a perfect way to spend a lovely evening in the US Virgin Island beach resorts.

The Ritz-Carlton

For Island and water sports lovers, The Ritz-Carlton is the place to be. The place is a Mecca for vacations US Virgin Islands all inclusive.

The Ritz-Carlton is located in the heart of St. Thomas, featuring a plethora of engaging amenities. For families, adventurers, and couples, this resort has a lot to offer.

Suites here are quite luxurious and you might have to spend more for your family. Moreover, bathrooms in the villas are equipped with standalone tubs where you can have a nice hot bath.

You can also have access to the infinity pool that features stunning Oceanic views. The Ritz-Carlton also has a luxurious spa with a group of experts to serve.

You can spend all day long taking a seaside cabana massage while listening to the waves. Each restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton has an inbuilt bar that offers cocktails you can’t resist. 

Sand Castle on The Beach

Located on Saint Croix, the Sand Castle on The Beach is an ideal place for honeymooners. It is an adult-only resort with probably the most beautiful swimming beach.

Visitors will have to choose from a list of five room types with distinct packages. Beachfront villas being more luxurious cost more than the economical studios.

However, each room on Sand Castle on The Beach is spacious and comfortable. However, the villas have a rustic wooden décor with a wider oceanic view.

On the other hand, the studios have more spacious balconies. Apart from snorkeling and other common water activities, you can go deep-sea fishing.

Moreover, you can take part in activities like horseback riding and feeding sea turtles. Visiting Sand Castle: one of the top US Virgin Island resorts all inclusive will be an evergreen memory for you.

Lovango Resort and Beach Club

After a busy weekend, the Lovango Resort and Beach Club is a perfect place to wind up. This Paradise is located on the shores of the Caneel Bay.

Reaching this resort is hassle-free and takes only around ten minutes by boat from St. Thomas. If you are from the United States, don’t worry about a passport.

Villas in Lovango Resort and Beach Club are ideal for families, as the interior is quite spacious. The best thing about the resort is the lovely treehouses where you can spend the night listening to the relaxing waves.

Set a tent on the shore and enjoy the bonfire during winter. Like most US Virgin Island best resorts, Lovango Resort and Beach Club has an infinity pool.

Explore the Lovango Village with your family and buy them priceless boutiques. Don’t forget to join the Sand and Stars party held every Friday from 5 pm to 9 pm. Moreover, you can join the Lovango Resort and Beach Club brunch from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Are there all inclusive resorts in US Virgin Island? Well, there are a handful of those luxurious properties where you can spend your vacation.

The above-mentioned US virgin island resorts all inclusive cater to all types of visitors. If you are an adventurer seeking an adrenaline rush, resorts like Diva Carina and Ritz-Carlton are where you must be.

For honeymooners, there isn’t a better resort in the Virgin Islands than the Gallows Point. However, if you are looking for affordable options, visit the Sand Castle on The Beach. So, go through some amazing travel tips before visiting these all-inclusive resorts in US Virgin Islands.