Turkey is one incredible place that gives you a lot of places to explore. It does not matter whether you want to lay around on the glories of the ottoman or byzantine of Istanbul or enjoy a beach day, turkey has got it is all. Right from history toil some authentic attractions, you will not get bored when you are here. But being a first-time traveler it is quite obvious for you to wonder what all things can be possibly done and places that can be visited. That is why; you can find this post extremely helpful. Here we have listed some of the best things to do in Turkey that you should not miss out on.

Enjoy A Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Cappadocia

A hot ride balloon is a must-have experience and one of the top things to do in Turkey all around the year. Make sure you add it to your things-to-do bucket list. Cappadocia is a popular destination where you can enjoy lots of adventure. There is some unique formation of the rock which are unique that surely will be the highlight when you are enjoying the colorful balloon.

Exploring Turkey Your Way

Turkey is one incredible destination that is located between Asia and Europe. This place is known for the vibrant culture, mouth relishing food and of course the loving people which are quite rare to see everywhere. Besides, there are some surreal panoramas that you can explore in Cappadocia and Pamukkale, this city is just filled with some amazing attractions. Right from the highlights of arid steppe till landscapes-from the sun-soaked Mediterranean, it is time to explore turkey in all your way. Don’t forget to click pictures because these memories are worth mesmerizing and always part of Turkey things to do.

Enjoy The Sacred Dervish Dance

Dervish is more like a Sufi spiritual ceremony that includes people to dance to the music which is a dedication to the god. Certain spiritual practices are included in it which are called Sama and Dhikr. These practices have been initiated by Rumi who is one known Sufi Saint during the early 13th century. It includes songs that are ear soothing, musical instruments being played, and even some soulful poetry that focuses on the upliftment of spirituality. You will fall in love with the vibrant moves that Sufi dancers perform at the backdoor of the spiritual music which is carried out.

Visit The Aya Sofya Museum

Aya Sofya is one popular building across the globe that earned pride because of the incredible construction. Besides, this building is a museum which is not only one of the best things to do in Turkey Istanbul but in the whole country. There is quite a huge exterior which is often rimmed using the delicate minarets that are later added once the Ottoman conquest is done. Besides, the interior is cavernous which can gran every travelers attention. It is a reminder of Constantinople’s power. There is also a framed monument which you must visit when you visit Aya Sofya.

Enjoy A Natural Sauna At Pamukkale Thermal Pools

This pool is one of its kind. It is known for the incredible sight that you may not find elsewhere. There is a landscape of the white calcareous which is created by the thermal springs. These springs have the limestone’s loaded which causes a unique seeing of the calcium deposits that come in different potholes shape, cataracts, and stalactites. Right after you have a glance at such an impeccable white landscape that has the turquoise springs created in different layers with the blue sky, you shall realize how mesmerizing the view is. The whole pool is filled with therapeutic water which comes with the power of healing all kinds of diseases be it skin ailments, asthma, or even eye problems. You must try this out when you are in turkey.

Enjoy A Ferry Ride At The Bosporus

If you love relaxing at the water corner then you must have a ferry ride. This can be the most rewarding experience in turkey that you should not miss out on. At Blue Bosphorus river, this ferry ride is conducted on regular basis. Even for locals, it is the most romantic place where you can enjoy the sail past the city while drinking the signature warm tea of turkey. Other than exploring the city’s neighborhood, you can also be a part of different activities such as coffee, tea, seagulls feeding, and to enjoy watching the sunset with your loved one. There is no doubt to the fact that it is one of the best activities you can do when you are in turkey.

Explore Limestone Formations At Goreme National Park

Turkey is known for a wide range of different unique landscapes. One such amazing peace is Goreme National Park. The place is not just known for the natural beauty but you shall experience more of it as you walk in the park. There is some incredible sedimentary formation of the rock which has been resulting from the deposits from the volcano that occurred once in Cappadocia. That is the main reason why this park has got its unique character. Besides, the park is said to be one of the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Explore And Shop At The Grand Bazaar

Istanbul Bazaar is quite famous and shall give you some incredible experience which probably you may not have done earlier. If you want to have a close sight of the turkey culture then grandest bazaar called the grand bazaar is a must-visit place. The area has more than 4000 shops and is spread to 61 streets. Besides, it is one of the oldest covered bazaars that you can ever see. It is not just authentic but also you will be mesmerized to see vivid colors, beauty, and architecture of the bazaar which makes it one of its kind. You can shop and look around for anything be it furniture, jewelry, tiles, lamps, and even clothes and accessories. If you want to gift something to your loved ones may be souvenirs the Grand Bazaar is right for you. Without a doubt, shopping is one of the top things to do in Turkey during day and night.

Have Fun At The Nargile Bars

This is another amazing part of city culture that you must not miss out on. It is said to be a tradition of the people to enjoy the communal hookah piping. Here you can enjoy the luxury of Turkish tobacco at the Nargile bars. All you have to do is have a puff at the contemporary cafes where the traditional pipe of water is served with coffee too. No wonder it is listed amongst one of the fun things to do in Turkey that you must add in your itinerary.

Have You Tried A Turkish Bath Yet? Explore At Cemberlitas Hamami

Cemberlitas Hamami shall give you the most incredible cultural signature explores that you must have not seen anywhere else. This is one traditional bathhouse in the year 1584 by Mimar Sinan. This is one lovely bath experience that is unique in its way. To have complete enjoyment of this place, you need to book for this bath well in advance to avoid the crowd and waiting.

What’s Next?

Whether you are looking for top things to do in Turkey Leftovers or the best things to do in Turkey Istanbul, the above travel guide covers everything. Now you know what to do in Turkey, it is now time to pack your bags and book the tickets for Turkey which surely would give you a pleasant stay to mesmerize. Check out our Turkey travel guide ebook that will help you to plan your journey with utmost perfection.

About Author: Shivangi Mujumdar