The USA is one of the best places to travel in the world. It is also known as the center of entertainment. If you are a solo traveler then the USA is a great choice for you. It is a vast country to explore and you will never get bored of it. Her we have listed some of the best places to travel alone in the USA that you must add in your itinerary:

Alabama hills

This is a very beautiful site in California, USA. It is the tallest mountain in California. They are very beautiful hills and one of the most perfect spots in the USA for photo and video shoots. You can see a heart-shaped arch there which is very beautiful and attracts everyone. 

This place is so quite interesting. You can find so many people there who just visit this place to watch the lovely sunset. This place shows the most beautiful sunset in California. You can also add it to the list of top places to travel alone in the USA in the night to watch the clear and beautiful sky and to do a night photoshoot for your Instagram.

San Francisco, California

This place is also situated in California. San Francisco is a very famous city and it is also known as the cultural and commercial center of northern California. The area of the city is about 121 KM. There are so many attractions in this city. You can visit the famous San Francisco Peninsula.

It is the headquarter of the many big companies. You can also find a lot of educational and cultural institutions there. This city was destroyed by an earthquake on 18 April 1906. This earthquake destroyed so many things there. But after this earthquake, this city was rebuilt very quickly and beautifully. It is situated on the western coast of the USA. 

Nashville, Tennessee

This city is located on the Cumberland River. Nashville is the capital of Tennessee. It is the 23rd most populous city in the United States. This city is also known as the music city. This city was one of the most affected cities due to the civil war of 1865. After a few years of civil war, this city developed very quickly and became one of the suburban cities in the USA.

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Austin, Texas

Texas is a very beautiful city. Austin is the capital of Texas and the people who live there are known as Austinites. The population of Austin is about 1 million. There are numerous places to see in Austin. There are so many rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, one can see. Austin is very famous for its foods and drinks. You can try different types of foods here. 

There is a different tour in Austin. The nightlife of Austin, Texas is very famous and no wonder it is one of the best places to travel alone in the USA. You can shop for different luxurious as well as non-luxury items here. Austin has a wide market for different products. There are so many historical buildings out there where you can enjoy a lot as a solo traveler.

Bayfield, Wisconsin

Bayfield is a very small country with a negligible population and it is one of the best places to travel alone in the USA. Instead of so less population, it is also one of the developed cities in Wisconsin. Most of the people you see here will be travelers like you. It is on the shores of the Lake which is the main gateway of the Jewels of Lake Superior. 

This is the perfect spot for art lovers. You can travel it alone and you can also enjoy water sports like scuba diving, camping, hiking, and many more. This is an adventurous city and you should visit this place at least once in your life. One can visit different galleries and workshops operated by the locals.

Honolulu, Hawaii

This place is the main entrance for many people coming into the USA. This is the capital of Hawaii city. The old name of the Honolulu is Kou. It has 177 KM from the city area. Their population is about 345000 and this is the 54th most populous city of the USA. 

The nature of Honolulu is very soothing and beautiful. It has a very high temperature throughout the year. There are so many places to visit in this city. You can see different old museums and other attractions out there. A place named Downtown is also famous for shopping stores. 

Moab, Utah

This place is situated on the southern end of Utah. This is one of the perfect locations for solo travelers. People visit this small city to relax on the weekends. They are also very famous for their hospitality services. One can see different museums out there, including the Canyonlands national park. This is a very famous park in Moab, and most of the people visit this place just to see the sunrise or sunset.

You can see a very beautiful sunset from this park. Another place one can visit in Utah is the Arch’s theme park. This place is known as the collection of different beautiful parks, shops, galleries, and restaurants. It is one of the safest places to travel alone in the USA all-time during the year.

Portland, Oregon

This is the 19th largest city in the USA with about 3.2 million local people. In the 20th century, this city is known as one of the most dangerous cities in the USA. Nowadays it is safe, and good for solo travelers. This place has a very unstable temperature.

This city is well developed with a lot of bridges. It will make this place your dream destination. This place has a very strong economy. This is one of the main reasons for so much of the population in this City. 

Washington, DC

This is the main item of this list. Washington, DC is the safest place as it is the capital of the USA. This is a very beautiful, well-designed city. This city was also affected in 1812 due to the war. Within two years, this city had come back and most of the government buildings get restored as soon as possible.

This is a very hot and humid city in the summers. Although it is good for the winters. Washington is famous for its various arts and museums and sports. This could be one of the most expensive cities in the USA. There are lots of taxes opposed by the government, which makes this a very expensive city.

Key West, Florida

This is the only island in our list of best places to travel alone in the USA. There are so many islands in the USA. This island is about 11km2 in size. There are different attached islands where one can go and enjoy new scenes. It is situated in Florida, USA. There are different buildings and infrastructures to see in Key West. You can also visit different beaches where you can easily find houses with round tin roofs which looks amazing.

Your Journey Doesn’t End Here

After going through the above list of best and safest places to travel alone in the USA, I hope you will love to explore the USA. There are several reasons that make it a perfect location for solo travelers. You can spend as many days as you want according to your budget and time. If you are reading till here, then you liked this blog. Please comment on your experience and views about this place and check out our Bodrum tour guide.