If you are a nature lover, Africa would attract you for a number of reasons. Apart from the picturesque savannah forests, flora, fauna, there is something more that would mesmerize you to this mystic land. Kenya used to be a British colony since 1963 and has imbibed the culture of attracting tourism by virtue of their food. Believe it or not, Kenya has some awesome theme restaurants; a visit to these would make your trip worth it. Whether you are looking for unique themed restaurants in Kenya or veg restaurants in Kenya, the country has everything to satiate your food cravings.

We have researched from experience as well as from various sources and recommend some theme restaurants which you must visit, whenever you plan a trip to Kenya, the jutting land in the African continent. Check out this list of these top restaurants in Kenya that you must add to your itinerary:

Carnivore restaurant:

Situated at Langata Road, Nairobi, Carnivore is a top-rated attraction for tourists who love the ‘Beast of a Feast’. Managed by the Tamarind Group, Carnivore in Nairobi opened its door for meat lovers in 1980. The entrance, the lobby and the restaurant bear a rustic décor and would attract anybody who’s a first-timer to Kenya. You would see big ovens where wild meats like crocodile, ostrich, camel and chicken are roasted over charcoal and served. No wonder, it is one of the best non-veg restaurants in Kenya that you must visit at least once.

The concept is more similar to the Palaeolithic era when meat was roasted over the fire and served. The meat is accompanied by an array of sauce and soups. Carnivore restaurant is the most talked about in Kenya and the visitor’s book will read all the who’s who stepped here. The ambiance will take you back to the Middle Ages as a time machine. The waiters serve meat with a sword, a sight worth a thousand clicks. Lastly, place your flag down and you will be stopped being served. This service is like to eat till you drop.

Moornings restaurant:

Mombasa will awe you with various spirits. Apart from being the oldest trade route to India, Mombasa will impress you with awesome hotels, beaches, and some floating restaurants by the Indian Ocean. Whenever you meet a guide, never miss a vivid description of the Tsunami that touched the coastline. The Moorings, situated at Mtwapa, is a floating restaurant that attracts foodie who are fish lovers. Step into this dhow shaped amazing floating restaurant and be served with your choice of fish, lobster, prawns and crabs. Never miss the spectacular sunset from the waterfront; probably it’s a photographer’s delight. Apart from seafood, you will be happy to see the list of dishes they serve that includes chicken, steak, pasta and pizzeria. The charisma, the tranquillity, and the charming site will set you mind-boggling, and definitely make you a returning customer. All these reasons also make it one of listed amongst top hotels in Kenya that you must add to your itinerary.


Situated at Ngong Road, Nairobi, Talisman started its humble beginning back in the ’90s which started from a small old house in Karen that belonged to the renowned wildlife photographer and author Alan Root. Talisman is one of the reasons the country could be proud of, and serves one of the best cuisines of Kenya. You will find an organic garden and its environment-friendly place, and acclaimed international platform. You will find everything here which classic and oriental. The drinks, starters, main dish, side dishes are all awesome here thereby making it one of the best restaurants in Kenya. The most significant fact here is that each and every element is made from pure organic produce. You will find no plastic here and straws are made from bamboo, as well as the bottles are recyclable. Enjoy being amidst one of the pure, organic ambiances and be sure whatever you bite is made from pure herbs.

Ranger’s restaurant:

Visit the Ranger’s restaurant situated inside the Nairobi National Park, Langata Road. The position of the restaurant is such that you will be able to view the entire park while being seated. The staff is friendly and you’ll love the starters, drinks and the food here. Visit this place with your group, and you’ll enjoy the ambiance. Taking a sip into the piping hot coffee, while you observe the carnivores tear flesh, is truly a spine chilling experience. Nairobi is the only city of its kind where wildlife and cityscape dwell side by side. Enjoy the rare sight of a giraffe overlooking the skyscrapers along the Nairobi skyline- perhaps the most cherished view you can ever experience.

Open house restaurant:

The open house situated at Bishan Plaza boasts to be the restaurant serving the best of Indian cuisine. Have a taste of the succulent taste that imbibes the traditional flavor and authenticity. Order Indian dishes like chilly paneer, Palak paneer, butter chicken, ginger friend prawns, ginger chicken wings, mushroom garlic and Malai kebab naan and many more that would leave an everlasting impact on your taste buds. You will savor Punjabi cuisine, Moghul cuisine, Kashmiri cuisine, Goan delicacies, Madras specials and the delights of the tandoor. The restaurant takes pride in preparing the best food, by the best cook who offers the best service. In one word, you will feel this is mini India in Kenya.

Tamambo bar and grill: 

Situated at the Village Market, Tamambo bar and restaurant is known for the exhilarating fusion of Kenyan cuisine along with an International, and Indian touch. You will live to sip the mid-morning coffee, and observe the crowd, a blend of travelers and residents busy purchasing items of home décor and daily necessity. Enjoy meals comprising of tikka masala dipped in sauce, oriental meat lamb balls, and fresh Kenyan oysters, vegetable tossed in Kiswahili sauce with saffron, garlic and coconut crème. Cherish the cocktail lounge bar and the terrace that overlooks the market below. Tamambo reverberates an awesome ambiance with music talents entertaining the crowd on Friday and Saturday evenings. Fun, entertainment and food, these are the obvious factors that drag you to the awesome ambiance.

Seven seafood and grill: 

Situated at Waiyaki Way, Nairobi the restaurant Seven Seafood & Grill has been incepted since 2011; it has seen world-famous chef Kiran Jethwa, put his heart, soul and brains here for this restaurant. Culinary innovation has a new address here in Seven Seafood and Grill. You will love the award-winning dishes and a class of service denoted as the best. Try the cocktails, lunch and dinner menus. You will love the handmade crab tortellini, concertina calamari, slow-cooked octopus, slow-cooked beef, hot smoked spring chicken and many more signature dishes. The seafood served are a selection from the Indian Ocean and the meat meal includes one of Kenya’s finest cut beef.  Conclude it to say that Seven Seafood is Nairobi’s challenge to the world in regards to innovation in cuisine and culinary excellence.

Ali Barbour’s cave restaurant:

Mombasa has something more to amaze you, and just not the white sands. You’ll love visiting Ali Barbour’s cave restaurant situated in Beach Road, Mombasa. The architecture of the restaurant is about a cave with an open roof where you can gaze at the starry night. The restaurant is situated at a height, 10 meters below the ground in a coral cave, naturally sculptured and having an open sky. The restaurant serves international cuisine, and specializes in seafood and also a plethora of other specialties. You would love the food, which you can place a la carte as well as a buffet. Enjoy seafood that includes Indian Ocean oysters, smoked sailfish, seafood platter, prawn cocktail and smoked sailfish. Ali Barbour’s cave restaurant attracted the attention of newspapers, magazines and anybody visiting here loves to pen down its review, with pride.

Tamarind, Mombasa:  

Situated at a cliff overlooking the Old harbor of Mombasa, is the Tamarind restaurant, a reputed upmarket seafood restaurant. They serve an exclusive blend of Asian, French and African cuisine. The menu shows the innovation of culinary skills but served with Kenyan excellence. The daily specials feature prawns, lobsters, served with classic pili sauce, and some fresh lime juice. The plethora of drinks comprises champagne and some world-class wines. You would love the décor, a gleaming white building distinguished by high arches. The restaurant clearly shows an Oriental flair. Tamarind is a reputed group of the chain of restaurants based in Africa.

Ziwa bush lodge restaurant:

If you are traveling to Nakuru, take a halt at Ziwa bush lodge, situated in Njoro. 15 minutes from the Nakuru town, this lodge cum restaurant is a popular place where travelers love to dine. The specialty attached here is that you can enjoy fishing and explore a resort built on the theme to protect the ecology. The cuisine will include Indian, Chinese, and African specialties. You will simply love the ambiance, and enjoy the tranquillity while fishing and relaxing. Take a walk around the boundary of the resort, or maybe enjoy with a group of friends. Visit the East Africa Orphanage, situated nearest to the restaurant, where several orphan boys await your kind donation for a better future.

Your Journey Doesn’t End Here

Well, this list of best hotels in Kenya is not exhaustive. There can be more additions to it; there is no end as Kenya makes a mark in International tourism and invites travelers from around the world. Any person reading this, and planning for Kenya post covid, can start planning and jotting down the ‘to do’ list. Love visiting the land of immense resources, simple people and awesome food.

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