New Zealand is one of the dream travel destinations for most of the travelers. From serene rivers and rain forests to breathtaking glaciers and snow-covered mountains, you can discover everything in this small country. It is heaven for adventure lovers who want to push all limits in their life when it comes to outdoor sports. If you are searching for top things to do and best places to visit in New Zealand then check out following guide to get all the information:

  • Abel Tasman National Park:

It is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in New Zealand which is recognized for its high cliffs and sandy beaches. Here you can enjoy some of the incredible waters sports activities including kayaking, sunbathe and trekking to its awesome hiking trails. In the vicinity of the park, you can also discover some secluded beaches that are worth exploring during summertime.

  • Chatham Islands:

It is a combination of more than 10 different islands situated more than 500km distance from the South Island of New Zealand. The green wilderness and rocky coastlines are some of the key attractions of the Chatham Islands that attract tourists from different parts of the world. Here you can discover some unique wildlife which is hard to find anywhere else. From flowering plants to rare birds of species, this place is filled with a lot of wildlife opulence.

  • Lake Tekapo:

It is one of the mesmerizing tourist attractions in New Zealand which is worth visiting during the day as well as night time. Lake Tekapo has also received recognition from UNESCO on the virtue of its creative settings. The glaciers of the lake create an amazing color ambiance which is worth capturing in your camera. It is one of the ideal places to visit in New Zealand with your family to get the best out of your tour.

  • Matamata:

If you are a diehard fan of Lord of the Rings then it is worth visiting Matamata during your upcoming New Zealand tour. You can discover several grand sets of famous series here which will encourage you to spend lot of time here. Here you can spot more than 40 hobbit homes that also include Bag End. In the vicinity, you can also spot several caf├ęs and restaurants where you can spend some relaxing time while enjoying your favorite meal.

  • Tongariro National Park:

It is one of the world heritage sites in New Zealand that features several active volcanoes shown in famous Hollywood movies. Here you can discover perfect settings to try some adventure. One side of the volcano, you can find slides that offer skiers an amazing opportunity to race down. The other side of the volcano features lake and mud pools with volcanic gas emitting out of it. Tourists can also paddleboard and do kayaking at the lake while capturing some selfies at such picturesque settings of Tongariro National Park.

New Zealand is one of the most pristine tourist destinations that attract several foreign tourists from all the parts of the world. The best places to visit in New Zealand mentioned above will definitely make your holiday memorable and you will prefer to visit this country again and again.