Among the US Virgin Islands, St. John is an ideal destination for beach and island lovers. Located in the eastern Caribbean, the island is home to many exotic resorts and indigenous tribes.

St. John caters to many engaging activities such as snorkeling, deep-sea diving, and fishing. However, you shall also find the best resorts in St. John Virgin Island for families.

So, here is a list of the best St. John Virgin Island resorts all inclusive for you.

The Westin St. John

The Westin resort in St. John stands top on the list of all inclusive resorts in St. John US Virgin Island. It is an ideal getaway destination for families and solo travelers and caters to all kinds of necessities.

Westin St. John from Marriot is located on the white sandy shores of the Great Cruz Bay. The property has a wider range of accommodations than any other resort on the list.

You can choose any two-bedroom, three-bedroom, or economical studio according to your budget. Balconies in multiple bedrooms are largely spacious and have a marvelous wooden design.

Other amenities include a luxurious restaurant offering exotic cuisines, fitness sessions, and a spa. Visit the Sugar and Spice Spa to get rejuvenated like never before.

The spa is set in a relaxing and calm environment and operated by world-class experts. This is where you can lay down and forget the past weekend’s hectic workload.

Lovango Resort and Beach Club

Among the popular all-inclusive resorts in the USA, this place is worth a visit. Lovango Resort and Beach Club is located on the shores of Lovango Cay.

This property is set on a private island that can easily accessed by waterways. You can reach Lovango Resort and Beach Club by boat from the southern coast of St. John within ten to fifteen minutes.

Besides featuring picturesque views of Caneel Bay, this beach club hosts several amenities. You can enjoy boat rides during high tides or have a nice cocktail in the bar.

Moreover, you can also visit the local villages nearby to learn about fishing. People here are quite welcoming and have high moral ethics.

Being the best St. John Virgin Island resort all inclusive, Lovango Resort and Beach Club have a stylish bar. The Green Oyster Bar is a 24×7 fully operating bar with a wide range of drink collections.

Gallows Point Resort

If you are looking for an ideal relaxing retreat, Gallows Point Resort is the place to visit. Deep blue waters and white sandy shores make the place a Paradise in the US Virgin Islands.

Gallows Point Resort is a five-acre property located on the peninsular shore of St. John. The place is widely popular because of its fantastic accommodations and one of the top luxury resorts in St John Virgin Island US.

Rooms in Gallows Point Resort are of varying types that suit your needs. You can choose from single to multiple-bedroom suites that feature a full kitchen inside.

So, you can prepare food yourself or try making exotic island recipes. Moreover, there are pull-out sofa beds that allow you to customize your bedroom.

Wardrobes in these rooms are full of high-quality linen cloth and soft towels. Besides luxurious suites, you can also access the spacious balcony and spend your time gazing at the majestic Caribbean Sea.

Visit the Ocean 362 Restaurant to enjoy the exotic seafood and island-inspired drinks. Other amenities include scuba-diving sessions with professionals, snorkeling, and other water sports.

The Hills St. John

As the name suggests, The Hills St. John is a popular hill resort among the North Americans. Nestled on a hilltop in St. John Island, this all-inclusive resort features incredible hilltop scenery.

The design and architecture of The Hills is inspired by the Italian Almafi Coast. Moreover, this resort has ranked top on the list of luxury resorts in the St. John Virgin Island US.

With enormous interior size, rooms of The Hills St. John can accommodate even the largest families. The property is also one of the cleanest all-incisive resorts in US Virgin Islands.

You will have access to a large swimming pool, a top-notch fitness center, and a luxurious spa. However, the best feature of The Hills St. John is the Cruz Bay Harbour.

It is a sea cruise amenity where you can sail every evening. On paying extra for the cruise, you can enjoy the glorious sunset on the Yacht with a drink in hand.

Take a fifteen-minute drive to  Honeymoon Beach to make an evergreen memory with your soulmate. You won’t feel short of panoramic views in Honeymoon Beach nor will you find boredom.

Grande Bay Resort and Residence Club

Are you looking for cheap resorts in St. John Virgin Islands all inclusive? If yes, head off to Grande Bay Resort and Residence Club.

Home to several world-class restaurants, this resort never falls short of visitors. Crystal clear waters in this region make it an ideal beach spot for tourists.

The famous Cruz Bay is just a few meters away from Grande Bay Resort. Moreover, you can have easy access to the nearby bakeries, local shops, and more.

Take a ferry ride on the nearby coast and sail towards the neighboring US Virgin Islands. You can also book jeep rides from Grande Bay Resort to nearby locations.

However, you have to pay an additional amount of 95 dollars to get on the journey. Grande Bay Resort has a large saltwater rooftop pool that features mesmerizing beachfront views.

The suites of this resort and luxurious and are equipped with large kitchens and balconies. Such features in St. John Resorts allow you to cook your favorite recipe and share it on social media.

Sea Shore Allure

Among the stunning romantic resorts in St John US Virgin Island, Sea Shore Allure is one of a kind. This property is located beside the stunning Cruz Bay and features almost everything needed for a vacation.

Accommodations in Sea Shore Allure range from single to multiple-bedroom suites. However, the wardrobes in the three-bedroom suites are equipped with good-quality linen cloth and cotton towels.

Villas in this resort are specially designed for couples and are built beside the beach. Even economical suites in this resort are quite spacious making it suitable for family stays.

 Just like the former resort, Sea Shore Allure features jeep riding to the nearby town of Cruz Bay. If you want to taste some fruity cocktails, visit the cabanas.

There is also a spacious bar beside the beach where you party all evening. You can have access to paid private beaches specially set for couples.

However, amenities such as snorkeling are complimentary and you can access the rooftop for a sunbath. To enjoy the Sea at its best, the Sea Shore Allure resort is the place to be.

Calichi at Picture Point

Seeking an unforgettable adventure in the US Virgin Islands? If yes, Calichi at Picture Point is a hub of glamorous lodgings and the best resorts in St John Virgin Island for families.

The best thing about this all-inclusive resort is sustainability. Calichi at Picture Point is nestled about 1200 feet above the Caribbean sea level.

The powerhouse of this resort is a group of solar cells made into several Tesla power walls. As the Caribbean region receives heavy downpours during monsoon, Calichi at Picture Point makes the most of it.

Rainwater is harvested and collected using a cistern system that facilitates an innovative oxygen system for pools. When it comes to accommodation, you shall get access to over six-bedroom suites.

Moreover, you will get an outdoor shower system, top-notch linen cloth, an infinity pool, and more. Take a short drive to the nearby Coral Bay and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Lavender Hill Suites

The all inclusive St. John Virgin Island resorts have well-appointed accommodations and Lavender Hill Suites is one of them. Located on the Cruz Bay shoreline, this resort displays the glorious Caribbean charm.

The rooms of the Lavender Hill Suites are quite spacious and feature a full kitchen, balconies, and a view featuring a terrace.

As the resort is nestled on a hillside, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Just like other luxury resorts in St John Virgin Island US, Lavender Hill Suites has a luxurious spa.

So you can chill and lay on Cruz Bay’s relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, you can attend fitness classes held by experts to reduce your appetite or develop a ripped figure.

Lavender Hill Suites also has a sauna that is worth entering in winter. Take a deep shower after you have spent your day participating in various amenities.

To Conclude

The Best St John Virgin Island resorts all inclusive are for visitors of all types. If you are newly married and seeking some private space, these resorts are gold.

For family retreats, visit Grande Bay Resort and Residence Club and take your kids on the beach. Moreover, if you are a solo traveler or a team of hiking experts, The Hills St. John is the place to be.

So, choose your resort, and don’t forget to carry portable heating pads for travel. Book your tickets at the earliest and head for St. John US Virgin Islands.