Situated in the South-Eastern part of the U.S, Florida never misses to keep us awestruck with its everlasting scenery, beaches, amusement parks and cultures. It has got abundant museums, art galleries, restaurants, and an eye peak for nature lovers too. It has got 282 cities, 109 towns, and 20 villages to astonish us with its population count. Well, it has a good set of Caribbean restaurants and an outlet marketplace which is worth the wait. It has extended its beautiful face to Miami and let’s not forget to visit that place too. Whether you are looking for top things to do in Central Florida or unique things to do in Florida Miami, you will discover everything in the state.

It is an ideal vacay spot for anyone to get themselves unlock from this stressful life. COME, let us take a sneak peek into some of the best things to do in Florida that can make your visit more joyful and memorable:

Experience the Disney characters LIVE!! – Visit WALT DISNEY WORLD

It is one of Florida’s main attractions where hundreds buzz around this place to experience the Magic Kingdom that has great animal rides, Hollywood Disney studios Typhoon lagoon and water parks. The main thrilling ride such as the Legendary Space Mountain will be interesting for both kids and adults and moreover, kids can get to meet their favorite Disney characters here. The free fast pass Plus system allows guests to skip the queues on certain rides and that can be selected 30 days in advance. Who will miss this awesome chance? Do not forget to take a selfie with your favorite DISNEY – DUDES as it is one of the fun things to do in Florida with kids.

Freshen up your soul at Everglades National Park

With 1.5 acres of total greenery and scenery, this park is an important and friendly ecosystem that mainly supports American Crocodiles. It is one of the largest parks in this country and offers an awesome opportunity to see some of these wild creatures. The entire area is surrounded by a wide river that flows from Lake Okeechobee to the Bay of Florida and its bottom called the Tamiami foundation which is a home for lots of native water and land animals.  Ready for a WALK? Check out this place as it offers one of the best things to do in Florida this weekend.

Row a boat at St.Petersburgh

Surrounded by crystal clear water and clean beaches, this is one of the mesmerizing places for all the tourists across the globe. Dali Museum, Morean Art Centre and boat trips from dolphins to destinations are the additional ones for the full enjoyment package. It has also amazing sands and awestruck sunset and moreover the consecutive Guinness record winning place for its sunshine. This is one spot of enjoyment for all ages and mainly families will love the relaxing outdoors and the lively nightlife WHY WAIT? Book a ticket to block a boat ride for yourself or your family

Experience the real artistic FUN at Sarasota

Situated on the South West side of the US, it’s one of the art-centric attractions with various craft shows and festivals lining up every year. One of the main reasons to visit this place is the ballet, opera and circus acts that mesmerize everyone out there. Since this is one of Florida’s oldest and finest buildings, we can count on this for enjoying a spectacular drama and dance. Ready to admire the beauty of DANCE FUN? Then, Ready, Get SET, GO!!

Have a look at Amelia Island

Enchanting beauty and called the secret island paradise set its tranquillity nature with wide-open outdoor spaces and has much needed visual treat for everyone. It’s full of enchanted rivers, marshes, smelly flowers, and greenways that acts as a pure wonder of the world.  The sand seems a little softer and kids mainly will enjoy playing under the sun with lots of historic sites as well. Pack your travel bag and set it there with your loved ones ready to get SUN KISSED?!!

Get chilled at Biscayne Bay       

A part of the south Florida ecosystem and freshwater that flows directly from the everglades through the Biscayne watershed into the bay that supports fisheries and sports spots as well. It has not only attracted tourists, but also explorers, adventurers, residents, and photographers for capturing the best photos. Moreover, it supports a good source of marine species and are favorite destinations for all sort of recreational activities. Already CHILLED outright? Have FUN, stay SAFE in one of these amazing things to do in South Florida.

Enjoy fun rides at Busch Gardens TAMPA

An astonishing animal-themed park that has incorporated more of kids and adult-friendly rides that are both worth having fun and will push our tongue out in fear. This location has African based themed rides, decorations, and animals in this wildlife area. Not only rides, one can experience an overall set up of amenities here like dining, sports, animal safaris, shopping and thrilling events to keep us entertained the whole day. Never miss out on this offer and GRAB YOUR tickets soon. If you are looking for some of the unique things to do in Florida Tampa then you must give a visit to this garden.

Pay a visit to JacksonVille

A worthwhile seaport in north-eastern Florida, this place is a large, modern city and famous for its wonderful swimming spots, snorkeling, and surfing. Win a free chance to get to know about birds, plants, and animals that inhabit nature preserves. It proudly boasts that it’s one of the largest urban park systems in the whole country with warm temperatures throughout the year. Hope YOU ALL HAVE PACKED your TRAVEL BAG ESSENTIALS !! Why wait?

Shop at Key West

Located at the southern tip of the continental USA, this place has an island feel for its old architecture and shops around it. It also has a cultural mix where Duval street is the main area, souvenir shops and even historic homes. Some of the important attractions are the shipwreck museum, key west aquarium and Dry Tortugas National Park.  Experience the friendly nature and a great place for SOLO TRAVELLERS. Are you one among them? If YES, then go have FUN as shopping is one of the top 10 things to do in Key West Florida.

Wet your feet at Destin

A perfect home for stunning white sandy beaches, green water and stands on the GULF of Mexico. This is the perfect one for fishing, golf spots, seafood restaurants and awe somatic sunsets one can never imagine for a lifetime. Moreover, it is a place for both young and old. If one must-shop, then don’t forget to visit the craft shops that have got a variety of handmade products at a cheap rate and home decors as well. Don’t miss out on the local riding trails and local history that act as an enlightening experience. All these are some of the key things to do in Florida for adults that you must add to your itinerary.

Your Journey Doesn’t End Here

Whether you are looking for things to do in Florida Pensacola and things to do in Florida Keys or things to do in Florida Tampa and things to do in Sarasota Florida, the above travel guide covers everything.

There is more to Florida beyond Disney World and beaches. It has a range of sea-land stretches and Golf courts that are worth trying out. Travelers’ definitions for attractions might differ but there is no doubt that Florida will disappoint us. To some, beaches may mesmerize and to some, theme parks may seem thrilling. But ultimately the FUN part is never missed out! Still, for many, the animal rides, artistries, craft products, football matches and malls are a set to go destination as well. Some of the best things to do in Florida Orlando, things to do in Palm Beach Florida and top things to do in Florida Clearwater offer amazing settings for travelers.

The best time to visit this sunshine place is between January to May as the climate suits all kinds of entertainment factors. Now you know what to do in Florida, you can plan your journey with total enthusiasm. Make sure you have the correct attire for all of the places you are going to visit in the USA and hope the excitement never goes out of style.

About Author:  SRUTHI DEEPAN is a creative writer who contributes her travel experiences through regular blogging.