Since many tourist places in Himachal Pradesh have turned into concrete jungles, most of the visitors and travellers wish to explore some offbeat places in the state. The demand for exploring some of the top places to visit in Himachal Pradesh has increased to an extent and many lesser-known places are also becoming tourist spots.

This is because many people who come from bustling cities look for some unique vacation places in Himachal Pradesh that offer them solitude and tranquillity. Nowadays, many Himachal Pradesh Tour Packages also offer tourists a visit to some unexplored places in various breathtaking locations in Himachal. Here we have listed some of the top things to do and offbeat places to visit in Himachal Pradesh:

1. Tirthan Valley – Kullu

If you want to experience nature in its serenest form, you must visit Tirthan Valley in the Kullu district. Surrounded by the breathtaking Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP), this stunning valley is beside the Tirthan River. It is one of the best places to see in Himachal Pradesh to enjoy the beauty of nature while having a splendid time with your family or friends.

2. Barot – Mandi

Wildlife, nature, tranquillity, adventure and stunning views of Himalayan ranges – all these things are just right to make any holiday adventurous, right? If you want to experience it all, you must visit Barot in the Mandi district. The place is surrounded by lush deodar forests and overlooks the glorious Himalayas. Situated beside the Uhl River, this place provides you with abundant opportunities to enjoy different outdoor activities like trekking, camping, etc.

3. Shoja – Kullu

Situated in the Seraj Valley in the Kullu district, Shoja is one of the non-commercialized tourist attractions of Himachal Pradesh to enjoy the beauty of snow-clad mountains. Just one kilometer from Shoja, you can find a Waterfall Point that’s often drenched under cold water. Another popular place to visit here is Serolsar Lake, where you can witness panoramic sunset views while sitting amid the lush green valleys.

4. Chitkul – Kinnaur

Chitkul in Kinnaur is the last inhabited hamlet on the Indo-China border. Some of the major highlights of this mesmerizing place are lush green vegetation, snow-covered mountains, apple orchards and mustard fields. In the temple of Chitkul, it’s believed that a 500-year old deity resides and the village is also the final point of the famous Kinner Kailash Parikrama (also known as the home of Lord Shiva). Therefore, many pilgrims stop here at the temple to worship the goddess.

5. Jibhi – Kullu

You can drive to the scenic Jalori Pass, which is a small village in Banjar valley in the Kullu district. This place has a cluster of many wooden houses boasting intricate carvings and cantilevered verandas. Bird watching and fishing are also popular activities in this region. Around 4 km away from Jibhi, there is a 1500-years-old 40-meter high watchtower that features Pahadi style of architecture. Near this watchtower, other must-visit places in Himachal Pradesh are Shringa Rishi Temple and Chaini Fort.

6. Pabbar Valley – Shimla

Located above Shimla, Pabbar valley offers you a vibrant mix of nature and exquisiteness. The swift brooks, fruit orchards and picturesque hamlets are enough to entice visitors, who can camp or hike here. A trek through Pabbar Valley takes you through tiny villages that are unexplored and surrounded by snow-covered valleys and oak, cedar and birch forests. Some amazing activities to try in this region are camping, fishing, trekking, paragliding and rafting.

7. Pragpur – Kangra

Located in Kangra district, Pragpur in the lap of Dhauladhar Range is known to be India’s very first heritage valley. This village is surrounded by cobblestone streets with slate-roof houses and villas that describe the tales of the 16th century, as well as the spectacular architecture that reminds you of Rajput, Portuguese and British style designs. The main highlight of this village is Lala Rerumal Haveli, which was built in 1931.

8. Narkanda – Shimla

Narkanda in Shimla district is a beautiful place set at around 2708 meters in the Shivalik Ranges. It turns into a gorgeous ski resort in the winter season. Some popular attractions to visit in Narkanda are Hatu Peak, Stokes Farms and Tannu Jubbar Lake. Boasting the abundant beauty of rugged landscapes and overlooking snow-clad mountains, this particular place is great for a peaceful holiday experience.

9. Gushaini – Banjaar, Kullu

Striking a balance between nature, adventure and tranquillity, Gushaini in the Kullu district offers you an amazing trail for trekking, camping and fishing. This place is also known as the Trout Country, due to the availability of Trouts in the Tirthan River. You can find many homestays, resorts and camping sites on the banks of Tirthan Valley to sleep under the stars, as well as wake up listening to the harmonious sound of the gurgling river.

10. Kalpa

Also called the “apple bowl,” Kalpa in Kinnaur houses many apple orchards. This snow-laden village also has many adventurous sites, along with a famous trek to Kinnaur Kailash Mountain, a pilgrimage site dedicated to Lord Shiva. From here, you may even trek to Chakka Peak at the height of 4572 meters.

What’s next?

These are some stunning and best places to visit and top tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh. The next time you plan a trip to Himachal, do ask your travel agents to take you to some of these stunning untouched places in the state. If you are looking for the best places to visit near Himachal Pradesh then don’t forget to check our India travel guide.