If you are planning to visit Oklahoma and not sure what all places you should not miss out then surely you are in the right place. Well, the good news is Oklahoma is one of the most incredible getaways to the west which is also called the land of red dirt. This is the place where you shall see buffalo roaming on the plains while rigs are pumping the riches. This is one of the finest yet the latest cities which is known to have pollution-free air with the best of the oil booming which was built in the early of ’90s. If you plan to visit Oklahoma, you shall encounter international art galleries, modern museums, UNESCO heritage sites, and also some of the lavish gardens which probably, you must have not seen before. Go through the following list of best places to visit in Oklahoma City to make your travel offbeat:

Route 66

Route 66 is one of the best mile cut that is listed amongst the top places to visit in Oklahoma. There is a complete strict of this route from Chicago to Los Angeles however the longest run usually is the one that gest cut at the digital level from the Oklahoma state. The length of this trek starts in the corner of the northeastern side of the state. It further then covers Oklahoma and Tulsa city before it crosses the border in Texas. There are also so many roadside attractions that can vary from historical like National Route 66 and in Clinton comes the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum that you of course should not miss out. This is one of the best ways to explore and even learn more about the history of the road and also some of the immersive experiences such as the diner of 1950 and also the changing exhibits that celebrates the experience of route 66.

Philbrook Museum of Art

Another known place here is the Philbrook Museum of Art that includes the work not just of the city but also from Asia, Africa, and Europe in a wide range of media along with the known work of the craftsperson and artist from America. This is one interesting museum made in the Renaissance pattern of the villa which has been transformed in the museum that is of around 23 acres with the surrounding of the formal garden along with crow creek. This also has one elegant oil-rich Tulsa in the 1920s where the collection of the art is made in the international scope. If you enter the garden don’t be amazed to see that there is an eye out for the cat on the rodent patrol. No wonder it is one of the cool places to visit in Oklahoma with your family.

Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge

Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge is another incredible place you should not give it a miss when you are in Oklahoma. This place is quite close to Lawton and is known to have the mountains wildlife refuge which has worked out to be the haven known for the diverse and unique wildlife as well. This is one of the oldest places to visit in the Oklahoma and United States of America. It is also said to be one of the primary places for wildlife such as bison and elk. The refuge is known to be the right place for rock climbing, hiking, and even mountain bike.

Turner Falls

You can say Turner Falls more like the sanctuary for the Oklahoma citizens. This land is quite wild and has a lot of activities to enjoy. There is an icy cold stream with a waterfall which is almost 77 foot high. There are also campsites, caves, and many incredible food stalls to enjoy. Once you are at this place with your loved ones, be rest assured to visit every corner of the park. It is visited by many locals once every year because of the beauty it offers which of course is very rare to see in any other corner at all. If you are searching for some of the fun places to go in Oklahoma with your friends or family then come to Turner Falls.


Cogar is popular for its Ghost town thereby making it one of the unique places to visit in Oklahoma. Well, you don’t have to be scared since it is known to be a place where there are so many abandoned spots that you may come across. These kinds of Oklahoma places to visit has the best to explore for its beauty which is unique in its way. There are so many groups in Oklahoma who prefer to preserve such kinds of abandoned spots and sure it is worth one.

Gloss Mountain State Park

Gloss Mountain State Park is the name that tells you what this park shall be all about. You have guessed it right! This peace is known for the shiny glass surface with the Selenite Mountains which are known as Gloss mountains state park. In this park, you shall come across some of the most incredible and beautiful screwy whose pictures of course you cannot give it a miss to not capture. Besides, there is also a backdrop where you can be a part of outdoor activities like hiking. There are so many facilities that you can find in this park and grills are one of them.

Tropical Conservatory

In Oklahoma City, there is this known conservatory by the name of Tropical Conservatory which is known for the design of one of its kind. This Conservatory has the finest of architecture which probably you may not have seen earlier. Besides, there is also a 224-foot long tropical conservatory which is said to be the home for more than 14000 different types of plants that are kept on the display and that too in climate zones such as the tropical dry zone and wet zone.

Elephant at Oklahoma City Zoo

Elephant at Oklahoma City Zoo is another interesting tourist attractions in Oklahoma that you can visit. There are so many ecosystems here that you can enjoy now be that the tropical jungles or the African plains. There are botanical gardens, a zoo which was also established for more than a century now and has been nurtured for more than 500 different animal species that were also endangered while there is also the grand garden landscape.  This zoo is not just meant for animal watching but also there are so many good educational sessions that are conducted here. Demonstrations are also the best for the families to watch like Elephant show and giraffe feeding.

University of Oklahoma

On the southern fringes in Nomad of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma University is home to many of the known tourist attractions of Oklahoma and some sports programs too. This school started in the year 180 and post that there has only been progressing in much positive manner. There is a 3000-acre campus in which this place has been drawing quite a great attention for some of the exhibits at the Museum of Fred Jones Jr Artifacts from across the world that also includes the bones of a dinosaur.

Roman Nose State Park

This state park has got its name from the Cheyenne chief and is one of Terminal Park in the Oklahoma state. This park is located within the canyon which is quite stunning where you can also enjoy the hiking trails and the 19 hole golf course with some lovely places to stay that have more than 25 rooms that were designed in the year 1956. If you are looking for some of the natural places to see in Oklahoma then you must visit this park.

What’s Next?

Red Rock Canyon State Park, Beavers Bend State Park, Lake Tenkiller, Natural Falls State Park, and Marland Estate Mansion to name some are some of the other best places to visit in Oklahoma City which have got their popularity. It is now time to pack your bag and visit this amazing place with some simple pleasurable road trips on the way to enjoy and mesmerize.

About Author: Shivangi Mujumdar