The State of Virginia USA proudly proclaims it is a state of doing what you love. It doesn’t matter if it is history, long road trips, fall festivals special to the United States, hiking in the spring, winter sports, or tasting the local wine Virginia is all about discovering the things you love and making memories. Just cross the borderlines and spend some time following your heart. Here we have listed some of the cool places to visit in Virginia and the top things to do in Virginia all around the year:

  • Williamsburg:

Though Williamsburg was restored fairly recently, it has a significant historical significance. Colonial Williamsburg feels like a trip back in history to the colonial time. It is a tribute to all those who fought for the freedom and civil rights of the Native Americans. The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum, named after Abigail Greene Aldrich Rockefeller, an American socialite and philanthropist, celebrates the culture of the United States as a shrine to both science and history. However, if you are more of a thrill-seeker than a history nerd, how do you feel about a candlelit ghost tour?  The Original Ghost Tour of Williamsburg is a guided candlelit tour that lets you walk through the streets of the historic town at night and discover all its secrets. Yorktown where the final siege put an end to The American Revolution also hosts a 90-minute tour of the hallowed ground of Yorktown. The Haunted River Cruise of Jamestown Island tricks for a cruise along with Jamestown, which is considered to be one of the most haunted areas in the United States of America. Thrill-seeking aside, the Shenandoah Valley near Williamsburg is considered to be one of the most beautiful spots in the city. The Shenandoah Beerworks Trail offers some of the best craft beer in Virginia, and the ancient forests of the valley make for an enjoyable hike. You can also enjoy a hearty meal in one of the many farms here, and spend some time exploring the mountains. No wonder, it is listed amongst one of the best tourist attractions in VA that you must add to the itinerary.

  • Richmond:

The capital city of Virginia is a celebration of civil rights in itself. St. John’s Church features actors performing Patrick Henry’s notorious, “Give me Liberty or give me death!” speech. The Virginia Capitol building built by Thomas Jefferson shows off its beautiful French architecture from over 200 years ago. The city has quite a collection of museums. Richmond also offers a wonderful celebration of the performing. Richmond Symphony and Virginia Opera Association often host captivating musical shows, and the Richmond Ballet has frequent ballet presentations. If water sports are what hold your appeal the James River has several recreational activities to offer including swimming boating water screen and fishing among other things.

  • Chincoteague:

Chincoteague is a small island located on the eastern shore region of Virginia. It has beautiful beaches that offer a host of recreational activities. The island offers the perfect biking trail you can even go bicycle from the bike depot which has around 200 standardized bikes. The balance between a city and the wilderness also makes for the perfect hiking spot. The Hallie Whealton Smith Drive has big tracts of land for camping and you can even bring your pets. Or you can choose to boat and take part in the numerous water sports available here which include fishing, water skiing or just drifting on the water in a tranquil environment. The island also has a boat tour that takes you for a ride around the island and look at wild ponies, dolphins, bald eagles, and beautiful sunsets. If you are looking for some of the top places to visit in Virginia Beach then you must come to Chincoteague.

  • Charlottesville:

Charlottesville is perfect for both lovers of wine and history thereby making it one of the unique places to visit in Virginia. The University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson, shows off the beautiful architectural design originally given by Jefferson himself. The Academic Village situated in the university is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Monticello, the primary plantation of Thomas Jefferson, gives the visitors a guided tour across its nooks and pathways. Another slice of history is offered by the Downtown Mall, a Cultural Centre that has shops, restaurants, stores, offices, and even some residential areas, and is open all 24 hours of the day. The Shenandoah National Park along the Blue Ridge Mountains has a long-distance Appalachian Trail that takes you across marshlands, waterfalls, and rocky peaks. The park is home to many different species of birds, deer, squirrels, and even the great black bear.

  • Jamestown:

One of the coolest parts of Jamestown is historic Jamestown. Historic Jamestown is one of the best tourist attractions of Virginia and a cultural heritage site commemorating English settlers. Though it has a bloody past it does a good job of documenting the history of the United States with its museums and statues. The Jamestown settlement has a Museum of the colony of 1607 and the native people of the United States. The Jamestown island inter James River was the major spot in the American Civil War the armature of it is swamp and Marsh now. Even the Williamsburg Winery Ltd. has a historical significance and is connected to a Farm that offers tastings restaurant and a lodge. Jamestown glass house built in 1970 is a replica of a typical colonial house. Lastly, the Arcadium Archaeology Museum stores the finds from the historic Jamestown settlement.

  • Norfolk:

Norfork is a waterfront city situated in Southeast Virginia. One of the cool places to visit in Virginia (VA) is The Chrysler museum of art, which was founded in 1933. It sits on a small water body called The Hague and hosts guided tour lectures, films, family days, travel programs, and even concerts. It shows off its permanent collection proudly along with numerous changing exhibitions from all around the world. The Chrysler Museum of Art is also home to the Jean Outland Chrysler Library, one of the biggest libraries in Southern America and home to hundreds of different art journals and historical auction catalogs. The Norfolk Botanical Garden has numerous theme Gardens and arboretums. These include The All-American Selections Display Garden, Annette Kagan Healing Garden, Bicentennial Rose Garden, Border Walk, Bristow Butterfly Garden, Colonial Herb Garden, Conifer Garden, Fern Glade, Flowering Arboretum, Four Seasons Garden and Wildflower Meadow, Fragrance Garden and Holly Garden & Turner Sculpture Garden among many others. Lastly, the Virginia zoo has several adorable animals and subsequent exhibits and makes for an enjoyable trip.

  • Alexandria:

Alexandria is one of the most charming and best places to see in Virginia. One of the most famous landmarks of the city is Mount Vernon. Rightfully called George Washington’s Mount Vernon, the plantation is the very one that served as a home to George Washington, the first President of the United States. You can take a tour of the mansion, go for a walk in the beautiful gardens or, if you are interested in the history of the USA, you can visit the Mount Vernon Museum. And instead of taking a traditional taxi sightseeing, you can take a water taxi. As a historic port city, Alexandria has numerous sightseeing cruises and water taxis that take you around the entire city. You can even try to board the ship Providence to experience life on a ship in the 18th century. You can also go to a former World War II torpedo factory and have access to 82 artists’ studios featuring a variety of paintings, jewelry and ceramics. The city also has historic eateries which offer typical Southern food. What with taverns from the 1800s and old town restaurants all over, feel free to stuff yourself with the food and drinks available. Lastly, for all the museums that the city has, it itself is a sort of museum preserving the history of the American Civil War. If you want to experience the history where it happened, Alexandria is the place for you.

  • Roanoke:

If you are someone who loves outdoor adventures and immersing yourself in different cultures, Roanoke is perfect for you. Sitting in a valley in Southwest Virginia the place offers a host of sports, including hiking, rock climbing, boating and fishing. Mill Mountain Park is a huge mill park home to the renowned Roanoke Star. This park has numerous trails that have several different uses and can be explored during all seasons. The Carvins Cove natural reserve has around 60 miles of biking trail surrounding it. You can buy the gear that you require from the many cycling shops nearby along with trail maps or you can even rent the gear if you want. Smith Mountain Lake is one of Virginia’s most famous lakes. Its shoreline extends almost 500 miles, and it is also known as the Jewel of the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you want to fish this is the place for you. You are provided with bait, gear, and all the advice needed to have an enjoyable fishing experience. One of the unique tourist attractions and best places to visit in West Virginia is the Taubman Museum of Art. First opened in 2008, this Museum is a must-visit. It has both permanent and visiting exhibits and includes artwork from some of the most famous artists in the country, including John James Audubon and Norman Rockwell. The media of the artwork includes photography and folk art among other things. Lastly, the McAfee knob is known as a challenge among rock climbers and is one of the most photographed spots on the entire Appalachian Trail. The overhanging rock perch offers a spectacular place to just lay back and relax for a while after a hard climb.

  • Virginia Beach:

Virginia Beach is the place where music and food meld with a beautiful view of the seashore. If you are looking for some peace and quiet, Virginia Beach is the perfect getaway. The Boardwalk Art Show and the Rock ‘N’ Roll half marathon are just two of the many events that make Virginia Beach one of the most exciting places in the entire state. Does parasailing over the ocean with a pirate parasail sound fun? The Pirate Parasail lets you fly nearly 1000 feet over the shore if you have the courage for it. The Virginia Beach Boardwalk is among the top five boardwalks in the United States, and the Virginia Beach Oceanfront stretches a whopping three miles. Or, if the outdoors is not your thing, you can go skydiving—indoors! IFLY Indoor skydiving allows visitors to skydive without the legitimate fear of dying. If none of the appeals to you, maybe you are more of a coast person. Have fun tasting wine flavors you didn’t even know to exist at the Coastal Virginia Wine Fest. And this festival doesn’t just include wine—you can get every kind of food imaginable here. Well, not every kind, but are crab cakes not enough? While you are at it, maybe you can drop by the Cinema Cafe for a meal and a movie, and get some gourmet popcorn at Jody’s Popcorn. If you are looking for some of the top things to do in Virginia Beach with kids then you will have plenty of options to choose from.

  • Shenandoah National Park:

We already mentioned the Shenandoah Valley, but Shenandoah National deserves its special place. The park has two visitor centers where you can start, where you can get first-aid facilities from rangers, look at exhibits and get an overview of what you would be encountering. Talking to the rangers is very helpful, as they have the hang of the place and can tell you how best to enjoy yourself. Moving on to some of the best places to visit in Virginia with friends is Rapidan Camp as it offers both fun and has historical significance. One of the coolest things to do in Virginia is touring Skyline Drive at Shenandoah National Park. Skyline Drive runs through the entire park and runs over 100 miles. Explore the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains as the Drive winds through is the crest, and travel through the tunnels carved right into the mountainside. 

What’s next?

The above-mentioned best things to do in Lynchburg Virginia and the top tourist attractions in West Virginia are some of the best that you shouldn’t miss at all. But Virginia is huge, and it contains so many treasures that it is completely impossible to round them up on a list. Now you know what to do in Virginia, you can plan your journey without any hesitation. If you are looking for the best places to visit near Virginia then don’t forget to check our North America travel guide.