Florida is one of the most-visited tourist destinations in the US. Beautiful imageries come to mind when you think of Florida. You can see experience Orlando’s electrifying theme parks at Disney World and Universal, and enjoy the elegant championship golf courses throughout the Sunshine State. Beach lovers and sunbathers have a lot of beach options. In Florida, you can find luxury boutiques in loads in every city. Whether you are looking for cool places to visit in Florida, fun places to visit in South Florida or nice places to visit in the Florida Keys, the state never disappoints any tourist.

Known for entertainment and leisure, Florida possesses a rich and diverse cultural history of Spanish conquerors, pirates, friendly natives and influences of the Caribbean. Home to special natural places and preserved flora and fauna, Florida has mesmerizing nature spots like the Everglades National Park and precious ocean ecosystems of barrier islands. Plan the best of adventures, leisure and nature with the help of this list of best places to visit in Florida:

Universal Studios

The City of Orlando is a major tourist hub in Florida and it is recognized as one of the beautiful places to visit in Florida. Another gem here in Orlando Universal Studios. It is a marvelous experience as many visitors queue up every year to enjoy this diverse experience. This vast amusement park extends all sorts of rollercoaster rides and recreated the location of famous movies & shows. Universal Studios have some incredible simulator rides in 3D and 4D which give the rider exciting chills. There are many wet rides at theUniversal’s Volcano Bay, the last section of the park. The place offers many family-friendly experiences. You can explore great entertainment experiences like boarding the Hogwarts Express and stroll through Hogsmeade Village in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Everglades National Park

The park is a reserve stretching 1.5 million acres of wetland and marsh, a vital and delicate ecosystem that protects Florida panthers, turtles, alligators, manatees, American crocodiles, river otters, deer, and numerous other species. You can avail of the opportunity to see these amazing creatures in the wild. Everglades National Park is placed on the southern tip of Florida. The Park reserve has a variety of coastal mangroves, sawgrass marshes and pine Flatwoods. Lake Okeechobee inside the Park connects to the Bay of Florida. Beneath the flow, the water is the porous limestone above the bedrock base, the Tamiami Formation. It holds annual rainwater and functions as southern Florida’s central reservoir. The easiest way to appreciate the Everglades while enjoying the sight of alligators, as well as other wildlife, is to take airboat rides at this Florida places to visit.

Miami Beach & the Art Deco District

You can lounge on Miami Beach, the magnificent stretch of white sand across the Atlantic. The Art Deco Historic District makes Miami Beach unique between other beach destinations throughout Florida. The skilfully-refurbished structures from the early 1940s exhibit Miami’s vivid history and an ambiance like no other place. You can experience the interiors of these buildings too as most have been converted into high-end inns and cafés. Lengthways the Ocean Drive along South Beach, you are welcomed by exceptional Art Deco structures like the Carlyle and the Hotel Breakwater South Beach. You will surely like strolling on Collins Avenue which is filled with many classic structures. No wonder it is one of the best places to visit in Florida in March.

Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens is a 335-acre African-themed animal theme park which is a very popular destination in Tampa. The park is home to an abroad class of animals. Busch Gardens is one of North America’s biggest zoos. You can pop into seeing giraffes, lions, gorillas, elephants, and other friendly animals. Open-air safari tours are recommended, as you will get a chance to see animals freely wandering like an ostrich, zebras, giraffes, and rhinos. At Busch Gardens Tampa you can also interact with penguins, tigers and elephants. The place offers fun activities for a good family time like watching a live animal show which features many tamed animals doing fun tasks. Busch Gardens also offers various types of adventurous rides which are fast and full of turns and also rides for small children. Busch Gardens is a place to have fun-loving family time thereby making it one of the top places to visit in Florida with kids.

Walt Disney World

Have the ultimate carnival experience at Disney World in Orlando which is one of the most unique tourist attractions of Florida. The passage of many decades has attractions and visitors at Disney have only increased, the magic of Disney is still intact. You will really appreciate the Magic Kingdom and the huge variety of attractions of this giant amusement park. The list of activities here keeps on increasing each year, the park now includes an extensive array of events and activities much more than the traditional theme parks. There are many outlandish animals at the Animal Kingdom Park. If you wish to take a bite of Hollywood then make sure you visit Disney Hollywood Studios. You can also check out other Florida tourist attractions such as water parks of Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon and dine, shop or watch shows.

Kennedy Space Center

It is one of the most energizing, entrancing, and educational tourist attractions in Florida. The enormous structure has played a huge role in space exploration and made history. Here, you can catch a sight of rockets and the Space Shuttle Atlantis or gather knowledge about space missions. The Complex is split mission wise; each zone features remarkable exhibits and interactive displays targeted at specific themes. You can have a good family time engaging with these interactive exhibits. Behind the Gates, Bus Tour viewings show the confined areas of historic launch sites and facilities with restricted access. If you are a curious mind you might even spend a whole day at the Kennedy Space Center.

Fort Lauderdale

This city is situated on the south-eastern coast of Florida, near to Miami. Well-known internationally for its beautiful seashores and quaint boating canals Fort Lauderdale is one of the key vacationing places to go in Florida that receives many visitors each year. You can take the Gondola rides on the canals or shop at the Las Olas Boulevard. The quaint waterways are historical and delightful for nature-lovers. You can explore the Strip, a wide beachfront promenade with a white wave wall that lines with classy outdoor bistros, deluxe hotels, swanky boutiques and energetic bars. You can stay some time at one of the oldest buildings in Fort Lauderdale, the Stranahan House, a preserved residence from the 1900s decorated with antiques of that era. You can even check out the Coral Springs destination city and enjoy shopping there or hike through Hugh Taylor Birch State Park.

Sanibel Island

Situated on the west coast of Florida, Sanibel island sits next to the Gulf of Mexico as a crucial barrier island, linked to Fort Myers. Until 1963 the island was only accessible by a ferry. Famed for its sunsets, lighthouse and high-end resorts Sanibel is well-liked by families and couples alike. If you are looking to stay then you can book the guest cottages, motels, condos, small inns and resorts. Sanibel Islands have a lot to offer from ocean escapades to unhurried shopping at abundant galleries and boutiques. You can enjoy 22 miles of scenic bike paths across the islands with zero traffic lights. Many people enjoy the Sanibel Stoop to search for the shells. You can boat, fish or plainly relax here at Sanibel. Sanibel Islands is full of initiatives by naturalists and resorts to inform travelers about the fragile ecosystem and startling wildlife. The wildlife here includes the loggerhead sea turtle and dolphins along with the bald eagle.

What’s next?

The exciting and entertaining encounter that Florida can offer you is boundless, from theme parks and seashores to native wildlife. So, hop on for a ride. Whether you are looking for the best places to visit in Florida in December or the cheapest places to visit in Florida, the above guide covers everything.

About Author: Shivangi Mujumdar