California is in the western United States that is elongated from Mexican Borders with the Pacific for 900 miles. This U.S. state is popularly known for its national parks, including Hollywood, Disneyland, Yosemite national park, and Golden Gate Bridge, most importantly. California places to visit are also well-known for beaches, food, lakes, and road trips that you will come across in the article further. 

California is popularly known as the Golden State of America as it has something or the other for everyone. Be it a kid’s wish list to visit the best theme parks or you trying out one of the best dishes and wine around the world. California will give you a lifetime of experience and make you want to return another holiday for its beaches, beautiful sunsets, and world-famous road trips. This Golden State has to offer you everything possible, including the adventuresome activities that you have on your wish list for forever now.  

However, California is all about lush landscapes, and with which renting a car would help you absorb whatever the place has to offer. Also, walk around the bay and pier as it would resonate with you for a lifetime. Take out the real travelers in you and roam around this beautiful place. 

The article below will take you through some scenic views and the best places to visit in California to make your tour memorable:

Redwood National Park: 

The Redwood National Park has the tallest trees in the United States, which allows you to have access to an array of outdoor activities. Moreover, if you have planned only one day for this national park, then you could stroll around, where you would witness beautiful rivers, woodland, coastlines, and rare and protected species. Far, if you’re willing to have long hikes, then you might also want to ride through the 8 miles of Coastal Drive to enjoy one of the most beautiful scenic views.  No wonder, it is listed as one of the top tourist attractions of California that you must add to every itinerary.

Venice Beach: 

Los Angeles, a city of California, is famous for its beaches, and Venice Beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches you’ll ever witness. During the summertime, there are beachside gyms (popularly known as Muscle Gym). There, bodybuilders flex their muscles and show off their well-built bodies in the open-air. Also, there are street performances to entertain you throughout your day, including cyclists, swimmers, and even sunbathers. If you are looking for some of the unique places to visit in California in December then come to Venice beach.  


We all wanted to go to Disneyland when we were kids, but nothing has changed yet as the longing is still not over. Disneyland is one of the most amazing amusement parks, where you see your Walt Disney characters like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Goofy come to life. There is also a Main Street, which takes you to a flashback to the 1900s. Moreover, the park gives you white-knuckle thrill rides, restaurants, peppy shops, and shows for the speculators with your favorite Disney characters. If you are searching for some of the fun places to visit in California with kids then Disneyland is an ideal choice.

The Big Sur Coastline: 

The world-famous, 90 miles picturesque California’s Central Coast, The Big Sur is as beautiful beyond imagination, and approximately 3 million drivers travel through that route every year. It elongates from Carmel to the foot of Santa Lucia Mountains, through which you could witness the tallest single-span bridge called Bixby Bridge, Point Sur lighthouse, and McWay Falls that gush into the ocean below from 80 feet. 

Lake Tahoe: 

Lake Tahoe is one of the largest lakes in the world, which got created around 2 million years ago and formed on the border of California and Nevada. This lake caters the visitors to many adventurous activities in both summer and winter. In winters, Snowmobile driving and skiing are most popular amongst the visitors, while in summer, sail, and Jet Ski is more popular. 

Golden Gate Bridge: 

The red-toned Golden Gate Bridge is spread for over a mile that is most suitable for walks, cycling, and drives. It’s the most visited tourist spot that is photographed several times a year and is the most recognized in San Francisco. It deliberately has red tones hence; is visible even in foggy conditions. 

The Hollywood Walk of Fame: 

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a very famous site in the streets of Los Angeles, which consists of 2,500 stars, named after renowned Hollywood stars. It got spread along 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard. If you are searching for some of the top places to visit in California with your family then this must be your ideal choice.

Fisherman’s Wharf: 

The Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco is one of the majorly recognized places, where pier 39 is a beautiful attraction for shopping and witnessing the seals basking. Wharf is also famous for its “Believe it or Not” museum, where there is a collection of all the peculiar objects collected from around the world. 

The Santa Monica Pier: 

Santa Monica Pier has crossed 100 years of landmark, where you can find the famous yellow and red Ferris wheels as it has the largest Pacific Park Amusement Park that serves the tourists with drinks, food, and fantastic live music shows. This most popular tourist attraction has restaurants and bars that serve throughout the year for you to stroll around, anytime.

Universal Studio:

The very famous Universal Studio is responsible for many Hollywood hits with loads of rides to entertain the tourists. If you’re passionate about movies, then this place won’t disappoint you. This theme park also has City Walk, where you could dine, shop, and continually get entertained with live performances. The whole park has 5 nightclubs and 30 restaurants provided with all the drinks and the food for people to enjoy.

Hike up to the Hollywood Sign: 

Hollywood sign has always been important for the people who aspire to become an actor. So, hike up to the Hollywood sign by yourself, following the terrains that will lead you up there, or join a group who will help you reach it.

General Sherman in Sequoia National Park: 

Visit General Sherman in Sequoia National Park to witness the largest trees in the world, which are 275 ft in height and 36 ft in diameter. These Sequoia trees are only found in California and not elsewhere so, make sure you visit them. 

Bicycle ride from Venice Beach to Santa Monica: 

Who does not love tan on a beach! Hire a bicycle from Venice Beach and ride it up to Santa Monica and enjoy the sun throughout. Also, do not forget to watch the beautiful sunset on the west coast. Bicycle is best thing to do in some of the top tourist attractions in California.

Ski or Snowboard at a California Resort: 

California is rich in an unlimited variety of Ski resorts as the San Bernadino Mountains give you easy access from Los Angeles to resorts like Big Bear, Snow Summit, and Mountain High. It is one of the beautiful places to visit in Los Angeles California and enjoy some thrilling activities like Skiing.

What’s next?

If you’re planning to fulfill all your dreams about visiting California to withstand one of those places in the world with the best food, sunsets, and beaches, then the above California travel guide would help you travel through the whole state. It covers everything from cool places to visit in Southern California to the best places to see in California all around the year.

Make sure you book a hotel that provides you with a fantastic view of the city, and you should not forget to hire your vehicle in the state as it helps you resonate with the place more. Also, if you plan to be in the city for a little longer then do enjoy the beautiful sunsets along the beachside and spend time with your loved ones, while walking around the streets. Don’t forget to check our travel guide on the best places to visit in New Jersey to check our tourist attractions near California.

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