Australia’s south coast beauty, Adelaide is a beautiful and magnificent destination to discover in our saga of traveling. This beautiful coastal city located at the foothills of Mount Lofty Ranges and surrounded by numerous coastal beaches offer a great stage for nature lovers. Adelaide is such a wonderful city encompassed with several museums, galleries, gardens, zoological parks, valleys, and a lot more. Especially, its restaurants offering delicious food is must try and wine too because the city is known for it. It’s no doubt when you visit the city you will be bowled to its charm and adorable beauty. Here you can catch some of the best places to visit in Adelaide that you shouldn’t miss while you are exploring in this fabulous city. Have a look at what they are:

1. Adelaide Botanic Garden:

If you are enthusiastic about exploring nature and varied species of plants, Adelaide Botanic Garden awaits for you. It is located at the east end of North Terrace, this Botanic garden is home to various medicinal plants, Australian native species, lowland rainforest plants, and rose gardens, etc. In the mid 19thcentury, this beautiful park was opened, due to the reason some historic buildings here grabs your attention.

What the major attractions here fascinate you are the Santos Museum of Economic beauty, Bicentennial Conservatory, Mount Lofty Botanic Garden, etc and the Palm House is the key and prominent attraction to catch here. When you visit this Adelaide places to visit, you will be out of your mind from hustle bustle lifestyle and make you enjoy the pleasantness and serenity of the place.

2. Adelaide Zoo:

Another interesting tourist attractions in Adelaide to refresh yourself is its famous Zoo. In entire Australia, Adelaide Zoo is the second oldest zoo and historic one to look into the vibes of the olden days of South Australia. This historic zoo is a great home to nearly 2500 animals and 250 species of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, etc. Pandas of the Zoo are the special attraction for this zoo in attracting tourists.

In the zoo, you can spot animals such as Koalas, Kangaroos, Giraffes, Quokkas, and Orangutans etc. In Adelaide, for kids and families, this Zoo is a good place to spend time exploring South Australia’s wildlife.

3. Art Gallery of South Australia:

To explore the arts and culture of Adelaide, the Art Gallery of South Australia is the most desired place to visit in Adelaide. Here you can go through numerous marvelous collections of arts from various places like North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. This art gallery was opened to the public in 1881 since the day it receives a great number of people every day. Here you can catch the best fine artworks from the historic days to till today.

In this art gallery, you can find the best artworks of paintings, sculptures, textiles, photographs, metal works, jewelry, furniture, ceramics, drawings, and a lot more. If you are a great art lover, this place finds you the most valuable one in Adelaide tourist attractions.

4. South Australian Museum:

When it comes to places to see in Adelaide, museums are like the windows of history and culture. For Adelaide, South Australian Museum is one such kind that makes you peep into the history and heritage of South Australia. The museums hold a great number of galleries portraying the olden day’s culture and heritage. The major attractions of this museum are its world-class collection of natural history objects and nearly 3000 artifacts.

The famous galleries you have to see here are Pacific Cultures, Opalised Fossils, Ancient Egyptian Room, Megafauna, Mawson, Biodiversity gallery, etc. Simply, if you want to experience the culture and heritage of South Australia, a visit to this museum is worthy enough.

5. Adelaide Festival Centre:

Perched alongside the River Torrens, Adelaide Festival Centre is a must-visit place to experience the fun and joy of different arts. It is a massive multi-functional art venue in Australia housing the largest 2,000-seat Festival Theatre, Light-filled gallery, Amphitheater, and several smaller theaters. Overall, it is a large hosting platform for all crafts and arts of Adelaide.

This festival center hosts Adelaide’s famous Arts Festival. During the time, this center will be crowded with hordes of people. The festival will be celebrated with full of exhibitions, lectures, theater screenings, etc. If you have time, spare some time to explore this fabulous festival center of Adelaide.

6. Victoria Square:

For Adelaide, Victoria Square is one of the most important and iconic tourist attractions of Adelaide that shouldn’t be missed on your trip. The famous Victoria Square is located in the middle of the city and it is also known as Tarndanyangga. It is a wonderful spot to enjoy the beautiful evenings by exploring the Square filled with numerous shops, restaurants, and entertainment activities to have fun with your family and friends.

The major things here attract tourists are the statue of Queen Victoria, a beautiful fountain known as John Dowie, Adelaide Central Market, Glenelg, Rundle Mall, and so on many will come in the list. At Victoria Square, you can shop the best, have the delicious eateries, and enjoy an infinite level.

7. Barossa Valley:

As we already know, Adelaide is known for its wine. Barossa Valley is the main reason for its popular wine because it is one of the oldest grape-growing fields. Nearly, 550 wineries are equipped in this valley. When you visit this valley you will be stuck in amusement because it is like a wonderland for foodies with fantastic restaurants, cookery schools, galleries, and craft stores, etc a lot. A wide range of varieties offered by the restaurants makes you feel hungry.

Apart from food, take rides throughout the valley to capture the eternal beauty and scenic views of the valley. An interesting thing is you can take a hot air balloon ride to explore the beauty of the valley from the extreme heights.

8. Mount Lofty Range:

Without visiting the Mount Lofty Range in Adelaide means, your trip is an incomplete one. It is a must-visit and key attraction for the whole of South Australia. Coming to adventure thrillers, Mt. Lofty is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy various activities such as biking and hiking. Especially, Walking trails from Waterfall Gully to Mt. Lofty Range is a fantastic one to experience.

Finally, when you complete your hike to Mt. Lofty the tiredness you will feel will be vanished in a second with the breathtaking views of Adelaide beauty from the top corners of the Mount Lofty Range.

9. Cleland Wildlife Park:

Cleland Wildlife Park is another best spot to meet with Adelaide’s wildlife. It is a conservational park close to the Mount Lofty Range. This wildlife park houses numerous species of animals and reptiles such as Kangaroos, Emus, Koalas, etc. A very interesting thing here is we can feed the animals because they set free and not caged. So you can happily enjoy the time spending time with wildlife Adelaide in a close atmosphere.

The things to enjoy here mean, you can go around the park by enjoying the cycling and the views and pleasant atmosphere of the park make you feel joyous. It is one of the ideal tourist spots in Adelaide for kids and families to explore.

10. Fleurieu Peninsula:

If there are any tourist attractions in Adelaide to immerse with close calls of nature and calmness means, undoubtedly the Fleurieu Peninsula is the one that comes first. The Peninsula with beaches and surrounded hills creates a pleasant environment. Whale-watching cruise and the food stalls with delicious items make your day fabulous in this Peninsula. If you are free of time you can take a visit to the Fleurieu Peninsula and enjoy the best time here of your trip to Adelaide.

11. Waterfall Gully:

For adventure seekers and thrillers, waterfall gully is one of the ideal places to visit in Adelaide. This waterfall gully located at the foothills of Mt. Lofty Range and this place is known for its First Fall waterfalls. If you want to hike Mt. Lofty Range, from here we have to start our trails. Passing through the trekking trails covering falls fascinates us with the surrounding beauty of greenery atmosphere.

If anyone wants to make adventure trails in Adelaide, then explore the waterfall gully by enjoying the walking trails around.

12. Hahndorf:

Very close to Adelaide, Hahndorf is a small beautiful village to explore the lovely atmosphere of the place. Once German people settled here that’s why we can observe the German civilization in the houses and buildings of this village. The village with pretty small wooden houses and fruit farms seems to be very beautiful and charming. Here you can enjoy the good delicious food in the restaurants of Hahndorf. The major attraction to see here is the 1857 Schoolhouse. In this schoolhouse, HahndorfAcademy is the key attraction, which houses the beautiful arts of local artists.

After covering all the wonders of Adelaide, spare a day to this beautiful and quaint village to enjoy the day with your loving ones.

Your Journey Doesn’t End Here

All these are some of the finest and worthy places to visit in Adelaide. Not limited to these places many more wonderful places in Adelaide make your trip memorable. If you are searching for places to visit near Adelaide then you will find plenty of those. So whenever you fly to Adelaide make these places tick in your travel bucket.

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