There are plenty of fascinating locations in Thailand. While one might spend all their time at some of the more mainstream locales like Bangkok, we recommend you head out and explore more. If you don’t then you might miss out on many other gorgeous locations worth spending your time at. One such excellent location is Krabi.

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Krabi is a land of beautiful soft white sands, stunning rock formations, lush forests, and so much more. Given so much that is on offer, Krabi tour packages are hot purchases online. And why wouldn’t that be as Krabi is one of the finest locations to enjoy beautiful sceneries, pamper yourself in relaxation, and head out on exciting adventures. This is a truly one-of-a-kind destination. So, keeping up with that theme today we are going to help you gain more insight into Krabi. Following is a list of the 10 best experiences in Krabi, read on to find out more:-

  1. Enjoy at Kong Thom Hot Springs
  2. Travel back in time at Krabi Old Town
  3. Visit an Elephant Sanctuary
  4. Take Thai Cooking lessons
  5. Engage in White Water rafting
  6. Enjoy a drink at the Old West Bar
  7. Enjoy stunning sights from the Khao Ngon Nak Viewpoint
  8. Relax at Koh Lanta:
  9. Get a rejuvenating Massage:
  10. Go Diving

1. Enjoy at Klong Thom Hot Springs:

The Krabi Hot Springs is located inside a beautiful rainforest. These have been cut into smooth rocks and the water is supplied from deep-rooted thermal springs. The water temperatures here can get up to 40 degrees Celsius and are laced with natural salts with plenty of healing properties. We guarantee a visit here will surely relax you. If you feel like taking a refreshing and cooling swim after your session in the spring, then you can do so in the nearby stream. The springs are conveniently located close to the Emerald pools so you can cover both the attractions simultaneously. An energizing session at these springs makes for one of the best experiences at Krabi

2. Travel back in time at Krabi Town:

Krabi Town stands differently compared to the rest of the locations in Krabi. Unlike many other touristy locations it hasn’t evolved to cater to every whim of a traveller. In other words, it has maintained its local feel. The river running through the town is always populated with fishing boats loaded with their catches of the day to be supplied to restaurants. If you are on the lookout for an authentic Thailand experience, then this is the place for you.

3. Visit an Elephant Sanctuary:

A visit to the Krabi Sanctuary will not only educate you but also offer you a chance to catch these majestic creatures in all their glory. The animals here are treated well and one of the main highlights of your trip will undoubtedly be the amazing condition of the sanctuary. One can take part in the feeding and washing process and also have a walk with the elephants. Given all that one can do here, a visit here makes for a fun-filled experience. A day out with elephants makes for one of the best experiences in Krabi.

4. Take Thai Cooking Lessons:

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Thai cooking schools are famous all over the country. Krabi is no exception to this rule. So much so, that every inhabited island at Krabi features one. There is no better way to learn the delicate art that is Thai cuisine from the masters than the locals are themselves. The schools provide all the ingredients and the students are taught by experts with years of cooking experience. What’s nice is that most classes end with you tasting your own creations. So, these classes are not only fun but also extremely sumptuous. A dun day out getting busy in the kitchen makes for one of the best experiences in Krabi.

5. Engage in White water rafting:

White water rafting is a fairly new sport in Krabi. The location for the rapids is a 7 KM stretch on the Songprak River. Novices can rest easy knowing that classes give full training in addition to a safety talk to make sure you have a safe and fun-filled experience in the waters. Another pro of trying out white water rafting here is that the difficulty is graded at a 2-4 which makes it perfect for beginners. Lastly, instructors always accompany you so that you are never without help should you encounter any trouble. Although there are plenty of safety measures in place, this sport is not for the faint-hearted so proceed with caution.

6. Enjoy A Drink at the Old West Bar

The Old West Bar is popular among both tourists and locals. With this being the only Wild West-themed bat in all of Krabi, we can guarantee that you will have a fun time here. With pool tables and a vast array of cocktail offerings, you will surely be kept busy all night long. The music played here is also different from the other establishments at Krabi. While most other bars play reggae one can groove along to music from popular English bands from the nineties and beyond. Coming to food options, one can take their pick from western, Thai and even Italian with the pizzas here being a bit of a speciality.

7. Enjoy stunning sights from the Khao Ngon Nak Viewpoint:

Nong Thale is located roughly about 30 KM to the north of Krabi Town. This serves as the starting point of the summit. The trail is about 4 KM long and a hike here can take up to two and a half hours. The words “ Khao Ngon Nak ” translate into Dragon Crest Mountain. A hike here surely feels like an adventure as you slowly make your way up the hill. One can enjoy a waterfall, a stream and a couple of viewpoints on the way up here. However, the best views are saved for the last with panoramic views on offer from a height of 565 metres above sea level.

8. Relax at Koh Lanta:

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Koh Lanta provides tourists with a much more relaxed environment which is less frequented by backpackers compared to Koh Phi Phi. With mangrove forests and sandy beaches extending to miles, this place is delightfully exotic. Tourists are recommended to engage in activities like diving and snorkelling as the island boasts of some of the best marine life in all of Thailand. We also suggest you check out attractions like – Sunshine Hill Viewpoint and Ban Si Raya. Otherwise known as Lanta Old Town, this charming port locale with its stilt houses hark back to a bygone era. Other places that you can check out include Koh Lipe which provides you with the option of continuing your journey onwards to Malaysia.

9. Get a rejuvenating Massage:

A massage makes for an excellent way to both start and end your days ( or trip ) at Krabi. The town ( like the rest of the country ) features several spa and massage establishments where visitors can have a great time. These sessions feature not only relaxing oils but also sweet scents and relaxing music to put tourists in an almost meditative state of calm.

10. Go Diving:

Although Koh Tao is the place for getting your scuba diving certifications, Krabi doesn’t trail too far back. Krabi has a ton of dive shops on offer which feature everything from a variety of courses to free dive trips. Some of the most frequented dive sites here are – Phi Phi Marine National Park, the King Cruiser wreck, and the Shark Point Marine Sanctuary. These sites are compelling enough that one fills up their entire itinerary with world-class diving opportunities to be seen here.

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