Everyone who has ever picked up The Wizard of Oz―and most who have nothave heard of the state of Kansas. If vast grasslands and the countryside are your things, certainly consider putting visiting the so-called Sunflower State on your bucket list. But grasslands aren’t the only thing Kansas has to offer. Here are some of the best places to visit and free things to do in Kansas City this week:

Drop by Goodland:

If you are an art lover, a history geek, enjoy a pretty view or just an avid Phineas and Ferb watcher, you probably want to see the giant reproduction of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. The painting, first made by artist Cameron Cross in 2001, is eighty feet tall and should definitely be visited at least once in everyone’s lifetime, even if it is just to appreciate the ingenuity of the project.  However, that is not all Goodland has to offer. The High Plains Museum offers the full history of Goodland and Sherman Country and holds a model of the gyrocopter, a commercially failed helicopter built-in Goodland. Lastly, the Land and Sky Scenic Byway simultaneously offers a beautiful view and a piece of history as the United State’s first agricultural byway. All these reasons make it one of the cool things to do in Kansas city all around the year.

Pay a call to the Air Capital of the World:

Famous for its museums and preservations, Wichita is full of places just and a wide range of Kansas things to do begging to be explored. The Sedgwick Country Zoo, an AZA-accredited wildlife park, and its more flora-centered counterpart, Botanica, are perfect to spend a peaceful day or two about, whether it is because you love observing animals or pretty flowers, or are really into biology. If you would rather play with animals, rather than just observing them, you might want to drop by the Tanganyika Wildlife Park. Here, you are allowed to touch, feed, and even ride some unique animal species―all under supervision, of course. I would say it’s the perfect place for kids, but honestly, which adult won’t have the time of their life interacting with adorable animals all day? If you are looking for some of the best things to do in Wichita Kansas then come here.

Explore Gove City:

Rock formations are both pretty and educational, especially when they are a National Natural Landmark. You guessed it―I am talking about the Monument Rocks. Also known as Chalk Pyramids, Monument rocks are huge chalk formations that formed about eighty million years ago. And when I say huge, I mean it. The tallest of these can reach a height of seventy feet or twenty-one meters. If you are planning to stay the evening, they offer a truly magnificent view of the sunset. And while you are at it, drop by the Fick Fossil and History Museum to have the complete geological experience.

Stop by Hutchinson:

If you ever get an opportunity to go to a salt mine museum, you take it. Strataca, previously known as the Kansas Underground Salt Museum, one of the aforementioned salt mine museums, holds one of the world’s biggest deposits of rock salt. As the word mine suggests, it is six hundred and fifty feet below the ground and is the only one out of fourteen salt mines in the States that is open to tourists. Aside from Strataca, Hutchinson also features Cosmosphere, which holds the largest collection of space artifacts in the entire United States.

Wander about the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve:

It won’t be a proper trip to Kansas if it doesn’t include a visit to the Grasslands. The Tallgrass Prairie National Reserve is located near the Flint Hills and stands tall to remind us of the States’ once widespread grasslands. They also provide a habitat to the Tallgrass Prairie Bison herds. The place shows us a theme common to Kansas itself―a bizarre yet beautiful fusion of nature and history, what with its historical significance and natural appeal. No wonder, it is listed amongst one of the fun things to do in Kansas with kids.

Stop by Overland Park:

If you’re after the country feel, Overland Park is the place for you. The Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead is, originally a petting zoo, is named after Deanna Rose, a police officer killed in the line of duty. The place offers a full countryside experience, complete with farm animals, butterfly gardens, playgrounds and fishing ponds. It also hosts a piece of historical narrative that needs to be heard: a Kanza Native American display. Additionally, Overland Park is home to numerous museums, barns and memorials, and, specifically, Taste of Kansas City Food Tours, an approximately three-hour guided culinary tour that’s appetizing both literally and figuratively.

Peek into St. Jacobs’ Well:

Located in Greensburg, St. Jacobs’ Well is the largest hand-dug well in the entirety of the United States. Thirty-two feet wide and one hundred and nine feet deep, St. Jacobs’ well boasts the title of Big Well. Greensburg in itself is an environmental utopia―the town runs almost entirely on clean renewable sources of fuel. After a tornado in 2007, the town rebuilt to run on solar and wind energy. If a place has ever truly deserved its name, it’s Greensburg.

Pay tribute to Erika Nelson by looking at The World’s Largest Collection of Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things:

If there ever was a visual depiction of the word extraordinary, it’s The World’s Largest Collection of Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things. This collection is featured in the town of Lucas in Kansas. Erika Nelson, the creator of this wonder and an artist and educator, photographs the world’s largest things, and build their miniature versions to display it in the museum in Lucas. Aside from The World’s Largest Collection of Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things, Lucas is home to The Garden of Eden, a sculpture park and home, created by Samuel Dinsmoor, a civil war veteran and political radical. The Garden of Eden celebrates free thought, and Dinsmoor’s corpse is still kept in a glass coffin in the concrete mausoleum that he built as his final act before death.

Drop by the Oz Museum:

 If you want to visit the magical Land of Oz, don’t go looking for a tornado just yet. What with recreating scenes from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and hosting thousands of artifacts from Oz, the Oz Museum does the L. Frank Baum justice. It isn’t just the Museum though; the entire town of Wamego features a small community of Oz-centric establishments. If you have ever wanted a taco from a place named after a fictional dog, Toto’s Tacoz is your chance. The town is full of what the locals call the Oz Cluster, and if you want to be a part of it for a while, you will be welcomed with open arms.

Enjoy a peaceful day in the Equality House:

What better way to wrap up a trip than to celebrate the diversity of the human race? Painted with the shades of the rainbow, the Equality House celebrates the sentiment of equality, tolerance, diversity, peace, and love. Drop by, take pictures and enjoy a peaceful day in the community gardens of the Equality house.

What’s next?

If you are looking for unique things to do in Kansas Missouri or top things to do in Kansas City today then the above travel guide covers everything. Though we are done with the list, Kansas is too big and wonderful a state to sum up in a shortlist. Once you make a list of what to do in Kansas, there is nothing that can stop you from making your Kansas itinerary memorable. If you’re thinking of packing your bags, you can count on us to help you plan the best possible vacation with top-of-the-notch itineraries. And as always, keep up the wanderlust. Keep some buffer time and don’t forget to enjoy some best places to travel alone in the USA.

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