Japan, an island country where the future is known to meet the tradition, is set in East Asia, located in the northwest Pacific Ocean. Apart from having the world’s third-largest economy, Japan is most famous for its picturesque tourism. Even with all the hustling and bustling cities, Japan has various destinations like parks, temples that are enough to calm down your tired bodies and give rest to your weary souls. Whether you are searching for cool things to do in Okinawa Japan or fun things to do in Osaka Japan, you will find everything in this amazing city.

Japan gets its beauty and worth through various reasons like the ancient Buddhist temples, well preserved shrines, the immaculately clean environment, eye-soothing landscapes, blooms and what not.

When we hear Japan, the first thing that comes to our mind is Mount Fuji, the highest and beautiful mountain in Japan, but Japan is so much more than just that. From metropolitan clubs to natural sightseeing, Japan has got it all covered.

In this article, we will be seeing some of the top things to do in Japan to add an element of spice to your journey:

Trip to Arashiyama:

Away from the swarming city of Kyoto, lies a land brimming with rich culture named Arashiyama. If visiting in December, the Bamboo groves are a sight to behold as they are seen to be flawlessly growing all around with twinkling lights on them, especially for the Hanatoro festival. Other than that, one can also visit the very famous Togetsukyu bridge, enjoy the pleasure of boating in the fresh and beautiful Oigawa river and temples like Tenryuji, Goji etc. The monkey park also remains one of the very fun-filled attractions. No wonder it is one of the best things to do in Kyoto Japan that you must add to your itinerary.

Cherry Blossom Festival:

According to the Japanese tradition, the Hanami festival or Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated in the 2 weeks of the spring season as the Sakura and Ume flowers bloom throughout Japan. People/Tourists visit the garden in huge numbers to catch a quiet drink or lunch under the shadow of mesmerizing, pink delicate flowers and blossomed cherry trees while enjoying the overall soothing view in front of them. If you like your peace and me-time, you are in the right place here.

Kabuki Dance:

If your theatre-loving bone just started tingling, then you must visit Tokyo to experience this traditional art form of Japan named Kabuki. More of a dramatized stage play than a dance form, Kabuki performances are amplified by refreshing live music that is played beautifully by using the traditional Japanese instruments, keeping the play connected to the heritage. Language is not allowed to be a problem here as you are also provided with English subtitles guide (at extra cost) to help you fully enjoy this adventurous piece. It is one of the best things to do in Tokyo Japan that you must add to your itinerary.

Nijo Castle:

This village ninja museum in Igyaru lets the tourists experience the art form of stealth, of secrecy that was originally practiced and conquered by the Japanese during medieval times. There is an exhibition hall that holds various ninja costumes and weapons on display. To gain an even better insight into the ninja life, there is a mini theatre present showing the ninja show, especially for the visitors. No one likes to go empty-handed right? So for your convenience, there’s a gift shop attached to the museum which sells rare ninja souvenirs.

Nishiki Market:

If not this, then you’ve missed out on one of the major activities to be done in Japan. From any to every kind of food ingredient can be hunted down here, just by the mouth-watering aroma coming from hundreds of the stalls lined on the street. Almost all the products in this market are organically grown by the local sellers, so purity is guaranteed. Flavors enough to tingle your nostrils, tableware of all kinds and ingredients and beverages you’ve never seen or tasted before, this market has got it all covered.

Oirase National Park:

One falls short of words while describing the allure of this park where scenic views of Oirase stream flowing on the Oirase gorge along with numerous other waterfalls falling into the stream can be seen and are capable of leaving you speechless. Known widely for its special, lush green trees in spring that change their colors in the autumn season to extraordinary shades of red, yellow and orange that can make anyone’s heart skip a beat due to utter perfection. Hiking and camping among these picturesque views serve as one of the best Japanese things to do.

Hot Spring Baths:

Say bye-bye to shyness and hello to the most culturally appropriate thing to do in Japan i.e. take a hot spring bath whenever and wherever you can! Hot spring baths are a massive part of Japanese culture and you can almost guess that as you’ll be able to spot one across the whole country. There are baths separate for males and females and indoors and outdoors. So if you want that authentic Japanese experience, I’d suggest you dive right now.

Disney Sea:

If you’re wondering where to spend an entire day filled with adventure, look no more as Tokyo has brought you just what you were looking for. The Disney Sea is one of the best Disney Theme parks consisting of everything from fun rides for children to interesting adult-oriented attractions. You can take your time and enjoy watching either a Broadway show or sip the retro cocktails from the 1920s.

Harry Potter World:

Potterheads!! Where you at? This is for all those Harry Potter fans that’ve grown reading and watching the entire series and have an unbending love for it. Universal Studios in Japan literally has a whole world of their own completely dedicated to Harry Potter where one can have the life-like experience of walking on the Hogwarts grounds, with cobbled streets, butterbeer drinks and many other fun rides that you will never want to put an end to!

Ise Grand Shrine:

Dedicated to the Sun Goddess, this beautifully tranquil shrine is located in the heart of a sacred forest. Ise Jingu or simple Jingu, is the shrine that blankets many other Shinto shrines that the centered on two main shrines- Naiku and Geku. But what makes this place stand out is that no nails were ever used in the construction of any of the mentioned shrine buildings but instead solid cypress wood was used in their construction and joined wood acted as nails in these beautiful structures. Being considered one of the most holiest and essential places to visit in Japan, this Shrine visit must be on your to-do list.

Tea Ceremony:

Another culturally important thing in Japan is its Tea Ceremony where the visitors learn the true art and tradition of it. Through many rituals, learning appropriate phrases and appreciating tea bowls and the ravishing, traditional Matcha Tea, we learn the lost concept of of ichi-go-Ichi-e i.e. cherishing the moment as it won’t happen again as due to the hustle and bustle of our lives, we have completely forgotten how to be in a moment while enjoying it to the fullest.

What’s next?

So here were some of the fun, entertaining and at the same time calming and soul resting activities that you can do once you step on the Japanese soil. Apart from these things to do in Japanese, you must aware of things not to do in Japan to make your tour hassle-free. There are many other sites and stuff which can’t be covered in just one article looking at what all Japan’s rich culture and heritage has to offer, so the best picks are made for you. Hope you find it helpful and have a great time on this breathtaking land! Once you know what to do in Japan, you can go ahead and plan your journey with total enthusiasm. If you are planning to visit some other tourist attractions near Japan then explore our Asia travel guide.

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