With the world’s longest coastline, Canada hosts a plethora of beautiful islands to visit. The must-visit islands in Canada are mostly provinces, whereas some are archipelagos and capital cities. If you are in pursuit of experiencing natural beauty, the beautiful islands in Canada are just for you.

Canada is a country with numerous islands but exploring all might take years. However, consider these top ten best islands of Canada you must visit.

Best Canadian islands you must visit

The Gulf Islands

Home to some of the breathtaking landscapes, the Gulf Islands are stunning archipelagos in North America. This group of Canadian Gulf islands is located on the west coast of the British Columbia province. You can have a cinematic view of the Strait of Georgia on visiting this place. The idyllic coves and the crystal-clear waters are the prominent spots of tourist attraction. Moreover, the Gulf Islands stand top of the list of best islands in Canada.

Salt Spring Island, Saturna Island, and Ganges Island are places famous for their unique attractions. Salt Spring Island is an ideal place for visitors preferring wildlife. Moreover, one can visit the Ganges Island to gaze at towering mountains and a long coastline. Accommodation is reliable in the Saturna Islands, as there are several luxury resorts on the site.

Vancouver Island

Located on Canada’s southwestern coast is a place where nature meets city life. Vancouver Island is one of the best places to visit in Canada and is full of tourist hotspots.

The venue is known for its rich history and its breathtaking scenery. Moreover, Vancouver Island is one of those Canadian islands you must visit, and it caters to visitors preferring different adventures.

Visit the world-renowned Butchart Gardens: an iconic horticultural marvel full of different species of flora. However, if outdoor adventures amaze you, visit the Strathcona Provincial Park, a unit of Vancouver Canada islands.

This property is probably the oldest park in British Columbia having an array of hiking trails and clear lakes. The best time to visit Vancouver Islands falls between mid-October to late-November, as one can witness snowfall.

Baffin Island

Being the largest island in Canada, Baffin Island is a mesmerizing place amid the arctic wilderness. The place is one of the must-visit islands in Canada and a haven for snowboarders and hikers.

Pick your gear and set off for the iconic Auyuittuq National Park for a thrilling adventure. On visiting this National Park, you can watch serene ice field landscapes and trek through challenging terrain.

Baffin Island is a place of rich history and indigenous cultures. Don’t forget to visit the towering Mount Odin, the tallest peak in the Nunavut territory.

Mount Odin has captivated the attention of geologists around the globe. It took millions of years of geological transformation to form rugged mountains and deep valleys in this region. So, if you are a hiker, Baffin Island is where you must set off.

Magdalen Islands

Popularly known as the Îles de la Madeleine, Magaden Islands are a group of islets nestled in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The place is the hotspot for tourists seeking natural beauty with a unique culture.

With numerous smaller islets, Magdalen Island is set in a humid tropical climate. Waters in this region are home to several species of marine life and host kayaking activities.

Magdalen Island is spread over eighty square miles and has a characterized geography. Undoubtedly the place is one of the most beautiful islands in Canada. From sandy beaches to deep valleys, each landscape attracts visitors to the state of Quebec.

Moreover, if you want to taste exotic seafood, Magdalen Island is where you should be. The majority of this group of islands is from the lineage of Acadian settlers. During the mid-eighteenth century, French-speaking Acadians settled in the hospitable Canadian Gulf.

Prince Edward Island

Spreading over 2200 square miles, Price Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada. From fertile lands to sloppy hills, this region is full of serene landscapes.

Prince Edward Island has a spectacular coastline dotted with red sandstone cliffs. You can also have a majestic view of the Gulf of St. Lawrence from its hills.

Trekkers take on the challenging terrain just to have a glance at the red coastline. Such natural beauty has earned the place the title: “Garden of Gulf. ” Before the European invasion, Prince Edward Island was inhabited by indigenous tribes for over a millennia.

However, there has been a subsequent decrease in the number of tribes. Nevertheless, the place gained attention as a Confederation place during the formation of Canada in 1864.

Besides history, Prince Edward Island is a host to many activities such as Cycling, Trekking, and even golf. So still worrying about what to do in the Canadian Islands? Get your gear and set off for some thrilling adventures.

Fogo Island

Off towards the northeastern coast of Labrador is a beautiful Island called Fogo Island. This island is commonly known for its vibrant culture and natural beauty.

A long rugged coastline with rolling hills attracts tourists from over the globe. Take your fishing rod and go off fishing. Villagers on Fogo Island are indigenous tribes who are fishing masters. You can also acquire some fishing skills, as they are very friendly and compassionate.

The most attractive place in Fogo Island is the Fogo Island Inn. A blend of modern architecture with a picturesque landscape makes the place on the list of Canadian Islands you must visit.

This property was built on the island’s rocky shore, offering mesmerizing sunset views. Summer mornings on Fogo Island are worth remembering, as you get sun-kissed every morning. So, pack your bags and get ready to witness Fogo Island’s rich maritime heritage.

Cape Breton Island

The next place on the list of must-visit islands in Canada is Cape Breton Island. Cape Breton is located in the Nova Scotia province of Canada.

The place is famous for its unique cultures and traditions which makes it a haven for nature lovers. Moreover, Cape Breton Island has a challenging trekking route through the hillocks.

Activities such as trekking along with paragliding and skiing are active on the island. You can have a serene view of the Gulf of Lawrence from the island’s peak.

Most inhabitants in this region are Celtic and their livelihood depends on fishing. Visit Cape Breton Island to experience the Scottish culture that shines through the lively music, dance, and food.

Moreover, the place is also famous for its vibrant Scottish festivals. Figure out some best selfie poses before you visit Cape Breton Island.

Sable Island

This island is a piece of narrow landmass but never disappoints its visitors. Sable Island has a crescent-shaped beach along the coastline, making it one of the best Canadian Islands you must visit.

Legend says that dunes on this island have shapeshifting magic, as one can witness frequent size variations. Moreover, the place was not lucky for merchant ships in the middle ages.

Treacherous waters along the coastline brought the name “Graveyard of the Atlantic” to the island. It caused numerous shipwrecks back then and sailors changed their course on seeing this land.

When it comes to spending a great vacation, sit back and relax. Sable Island is home to numerous wild horses which adapted to the environment.

You can also witness a majestic flock of birds, as the island is a prominent bird sanctuary. If you are a nature lover or a wildlife enthusiast, Sable Island is your type of destination.

Toronto Island

Located near Lake Ontario are lovely groups of islands combined to be Toronto Island. The place is offshore from Toronto downtown and is a tranquil escape from the busy city.

Toronto Island is said to be a paradise by the locals, as the place is full of lush green scenery. You’ll also get recreational facilities and an easy transport system.

The most common way of transportation to the island is through waterways. Ferries are lined up along the Ontario coast and remain operational throughout the day. Visit the Centerville Amusement Park to take part in activities like kayaking, biking, and more.

However, if you want to take sunbathe, visit Hanlan’s Point beach. Toronto Island also has a small yet active airport. The place remains full of native Canadians, especially on weekends, and they crown this place among the best islands in Canada.

Salt Spring Island

How can one forget Salt Spring Island when it comes to beautiful islands in Canada? This Paradise is located amid the Salish Sea of British Columbia.

Being a perfect weekend getaway, Salt Spring Island remains full of Native Canadians and Americans in summer. The place is home to 10,000 Canadians and is famous for its art and craft.

You can visit the galleries and studios full of vibrant art. Moreover, if you are a nature lover, you shall never get bored on this island.

Visit the famous Ruckle Provincial Park to enjoy hiking, kayaking, and camping.

To Conclude

If you are still figuring out the things to do in Canadian islands, there is an even longer list. The best time to visit Canadian Islands falls between mid-October to November. Every Island on the list is full of serene landscapes, especially in spring and Autumn.

Activities during this peak time include hiking, paragliding, and even fishing. So, plan to visit these best islands in Canada before time runs out.