According to 2022 research, 31% of Americans were interested in international rather than domestic travel this year, with Asian destinations making up 27% of international flight searches. But with a nonstop flight from, say, New York to Singapore taking a total of 19 hours, these long flights can be demanding – particularly for smokers. There are an estimated 28.3 million adult smokers in the US, many of whom may be hopping on a plane soon. Here are a few tips for smokers looking to manage persistent nicotine cravings during their next long-haul flight:

Planning flights accordingly

The stress and jitters that come with travel planning – and actual traveling – are already hard enough without dealing with smoking withdrawal symptoms. One key workaround is to book evening flights. This way, you’ll spend most of the flight asleep, eliminating any urges; just catch a smoke break at your airport’s designated smoking area before you take off. If your flight has layovers, you can also use that time to smoke. Early-morning flights, or flights that coincide with meal times, can be trickier for smokers. Our post on booking in advance recommends using tools like Google Flights to compare flight prices across multiple airlines as this could help you surpass these hurdles.

Packing smokeless alternatives

Not only are cigarettes a fire hazard but the smoke and smell can inconvenience fellow passengers, especially on an aircraft where cabin air is recirculated. However, since smokeless alternatives like nicotine patches and pouches don’t contain tobacco and don’t emit smoke, there are generally no restrictions on taking them with you on the flight. Ordering nicotine pouches here ahead of your flight will save you a lot of trouble. Nicotine pouches can be used discreetly on the plane — all you have to do is take out a pouch, place it under your lip, and enjoy the nicotine and flavor it exudes for up to 60 minutes. Ordering online allows you to take advantage of express delivery and free shipping on eligible orders.

If you want to smoke less – or begin your cessation journey – while on vacation, a nicotine patch is another way to wean yourself off cigarettes. This article shows how NicoDerm CQ is a nicotine patch made to help people quit smoking by gradually decreasing nicotine exposure. Travelers can simply wear it underneath clothing for discretion, as it delivers a steady flow of nicotine absorbed through the skin over a period of time.

Keeping your hands busy

Smoking is not just a habit but also a fixation involving your mouth and hands. Having well-timed snack breaks on long flights is a great way to keep cravings at bay. To avoid excessive sugar or sodium intake, choose healthier options from the in-flight menu or pack airport security-friendly treats in advance. Another critical tip is to keep your hands busy so you don’t fidget for a smoke and feel frustrated. Whether it’s playing a video game on your phone, bringing a small fidget toy to distract yourself, or flipping through a paperback, constant movement will help distribute pent-up energy and curb those cravings a bit longer.

While some journeys can be grueling, you can make them more bearable by planning ahead, coming prepared with alternatives, and thinking of ways to keep yourself busy while seated and strapped in. Individual nicotine cravings usually last from three to five minutes, so take a deep breath, try one of the tips we mentioned above, and seek comfort in the fact that you are headed to a place of rest and relaxation – your much-awaited holiday.

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