Hedonistic, cultured, historic, food-obsessed Thailand places to visit are topped with exotic gateways and chaotic parties. The “land of smiles” is magnificent and lives up to its name with historic cultural rendezvous with extraordinary nightlife.

Thailand is not only the party capital but also the adventure capital of Asia with plenty of unpredictably lavish beaches, islands, glamourous parties, enticing markets, and more. Sumptuous yet, Wild! Thailand gives you the needed thrill and concoction of various flavors to every human that set foot on its land. The country gives you a collage of modern amenities and TukTuks, with the serenity of orange-robed monks, handicrafts, Buddhist temples, ancient ruins, and more. Dont forget to explore Sak Yant in Chiang Mai with WSE Travel to make your tour memorable.

The captivating and alluring beaches, blue lagoons, and all flora and fauna make this country to be the most popular tourist destination present in the Southeast Asian region. Get yourself the taste of heavenly Asia by opting for Thailand tourism. If you are not sure about the best places to visit in Thailand then go through following travel guide to get all information:


More precisely known as Rai Leh, this is one of the far-flung attractions of the country, which is accessible through a boat because of the high cliffs of limestone, which cut it off from the mainland access. Situated in the Southern part of Thailand, mainly Krabi, this typifies as a heaven for the rock and mountain climbers all over the world. High mountains and extraordinary adventure give the thrill of having rock-solid climbing for any adventure enthusiast. Railay is not just about the mountains; it also highly attractive for its surreal beaches with a quite inviting atmosphere.

The eastern and western parts of the peninsula got occupied by the welcoming and luxurious bungalow resorts with the hasty development behind the green abundance of the forest. Even with the high-end luxury, the population is minimal, with no sign of tall buildings.


Ko Phi Phi, consisting of six of the main islands of the country’s archipelago, the place is famous for its white-sand beaches, including LohDalum Bay and long Beach. It mainly sits amid the largest islands of Phuket and Straits of Malacca cost. The beaches of Thailand are famous for its extravagant beach parties, and Ko Phi Phi also gets celebrated for its pristine white sand beaches and clear blue water. This place has some major “to go” places like Ko Phi Phi Lee, Bamboo Island, as well as Monkey Beach and The Ton Sao Beach.

The islands are also adequate with engraving forests, enticing shoreline, and strikingly high cliffs making it a complete package for the travel lovers. The movie “The Beach” got shot here, making it more attractive in the eyes of the visitors. It is one of the most offbeat tourist attractions of Thailand that you can consider visiting on any weekend.


Most popularly known as the Gateway of Island Hopping, Koh Chang is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Thailand. It is also one of the largest of Thai Islands of the Gulf of Thailand. It’s surreal and beautiful with its peaceful blue water beds and a quiet atmosphere that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Being located in the North of the country, Koh Chang is the best-known place for island hopping enthusiasts. The best part is the high-end mountains surrounded with wildly ecstatic flora and fauna with little mountain huts, which can get rented easily.

Due to the luxury and atmosphere, the island is also one of the crowded islands of the country with authentic Thai culture and Asian beauty. 


Explore the beauty of Thai heritage and the ancient temples in this exotic place of Chang Rai. Located near to the borders of the Laos and Myanmar, this place is the nucleus of many of the ancient Thai temples dating back to centuries old. Ancient temples, with tribal villages, authentic Thai culture, and the famous Mekong River, comprise the place as most in-demand making it the best tourist attraction place. Travelers who love to explore the depths of history and ancient beauty this is the right place to explore.

Get your hands on the traditional side of the country and groove with its exotic and conventional music, tasting Thai food.


Peaceful and calm! Not everyone likes visiting the hustle of a crowded place; they love spending time amidst the serene beauty of nature and away from the ranting commercialization. This out of the world place is mainly a village located to the north part of the country in Mae Hong Soon province. Experience life with ease and simplicity in this village and encounter the real essence of Thai culture and cuisines. The most significant part of staying in this place that you will get to experience the life of the rural Thai people and learn about the grounds of real Thai and Asian culture.

Spend your days engraved in culture, food, and heritage with solitude by day and have a relaxing evening with a long walk down the riverside.


Khao Sok national park got surrounded by the lush green landscapes; it got its name in the UNESCO world heritage site. Being one of the famous tourist attractions of Thailand, the park is home to the famous wild Macaques and Asian elephants, which serves as one of the essential attractions for the sightseers. The park got the magnificent Khao Yai Art Museum, which got amenities and sculptures belonging to the ancient Thai people and Buddhist culture. Equipped with flourished flora and fauna, it has high and thick mountains, rugged green landscapes, splendid yet beautiful waterfalls, and the variant of wildlife creatures like to marvel. 

You will also find luxurious as well as comfortable resorts and mountain huts to have a splendid stay inside the national park and experience the most beautiful wildlife sanctuary at large. 


Located in the province of Chao Phraya River, the city was founded in 1350, making it one of the ancient and best places of Thailand. Mainly this beauty sits upon an island that is surrounded by the three great rivers which connect the Gulf of Siam. This Biblical and historical Kingdome is home to three of the magnificent ancient palaces, with above 4000 temples with a population of 1,000,000. Situated in just 80 km away from the capital city of Bangkok, this city was famous for its ruins and exquisitely hidden history of Thailand when it was Siam. 

It once held the title of being the most significant and vital cities of the world, Ayuttaya is beauty in its best declaring and safeguarding the real ancient essence of Thai culture.


Experience the paradise within the sublime of Thai culture and adventure in Koh Samui. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, this is one of the most adventurous Thailand places to visit which is famous for adventures like snorkeling, elephant trekking, mountain climbing, scuba diving, go-karting, and more for the enthusiast explorers. Unwind the best of the relaxed division of the island with the peaceful beaches and sublime views of the setting sun. Now coming to the exotic nightlife, the place got Lamai and Chewang, which will give you some unforgettable night parties.

You can also visit some of the other famous Thailand tourist attractions nearby like Ang Thong National Park, with Wat PhraYai and the beautiful Wat Khunaram, and live in their super comfortable yet extravagant villas and hotels.


Trip to Thailand can never be complete without exploring its floating markets. DamneonSaduak Floating island is famous for its beautiful floating markets, which got embedded with beauty and exotic materials rooted in the cultural ancestry of real Thai culture and cuisines. Located in the Ratchaburi island of the country, this place is all about vibrant surrounding and exotic traditional ornaments. Being surrounded by narrow canals and magnificent rivers, this site can be best explored on a boat that will take you through and about the place.

There are ancient homemade ornaments, real Thai spices and food with traditional clothing, and much more to explore in the exotic life of tangible and rugged Thai world. 


The trip to Thailand cannot get made without a trip to Bangkok where resides in the ancient Grand Palace. Being located near to the Chao Phraya River, this place is all equipped with the best of Thai architecture and Asian wats, halls, exotic gardens, pavilions, courtyards, and more. This place is all photogenic and exquisite making it the best place for capturing photos. The site greets every tourist with Buddhist culture and traditions. Travelers can also pay a visit to the ancient Temple of the Emerald Buddha. No wonder it is listed amongst one of the most versatile places to visit in Thailand with your family.

Your Journey Doesn’t End Here:

The above mentioned unique places to visit in Thailand are best in the lot and they are sufficient enough to make your tour memorable. If you are planning to visit some other famous countries in SouthEast Asia then don’t forget to go through our other travel guides.

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