Texas is full of spots with immaculate city parks, magnificent historical buildings, humbling countryside, museums, and barbecue. From water cascades to sand dunes Texas has it all. This beautiful region presents a stunning Hindu temple and other hidden gems. It’s said everything is bigger in Texas, the USA’s second-largest state, true to the word a huge variety of things can be seen and explored here. Whether you are looking for fun places to visit in Texas with kids or beautiful places to visit in Texas for couples, you will find everything here.

Texans are ardently proud of their art, history and cowboy culture found everywhere in Texas. When you arrange your trip to Texas, make sure to explore these Texas places to visit enjoy the best in Texas:

Big Bend National Park

If you are looking for less crowded tourist attractions in Texas to enjoy the tranquility, Big Bend National Park is one of the best places which is sparsely-visited locations in the United States. This is a gem situated in the southwest of Texas which includes the whole mountain range of Chisos and a huge stretch of the Chihuahuan Desert. Big Bend National Park is massive, and peripheries the Rio Grande River. As you pass through the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive the miles will fall short to soak in the beauty of landscapes through the way to Big Bend National Park. To spectate the panoramic rock formations and blue skies up close its best to go hiking. Take a stroll by the Window View Trail surrounded by Chisos range, the demanding Chimneys Trail, or just loosen up by a soothing drift down the stream.

Palo Duro Canyon

A canyon structure of the Caprock Escarpment that slices through the High Plains expanse of Texas is the Palo Duro Canyon which is also the largest in the US following the Grand Canyon. The formations of red rock set in the Texas Panhandle close to the towns of Amarillo and Canyon are exposed and crafts an eye-pleasing sight to witness. Of course, the rocky canyon has more to offer. This is one of the best places to visit on Texas very which used to be the home of Native American tribes such as the Comanche and the apache. Palo Durohouses a bounty of wildlife and biota in the green, so while hiking the f trails you will come across families of whitetail deer, herds of Aoudad sheep and if you are in luck you can stumble on mountain lions. The canyon offers opportunities to ride horses and relish the chuckwagon cuisine all over the place.

Hamilton Pool Preserve

Hamilton Pool is a remarkable swimming cavity which authorized as a preserve by the Travis County Commissioner’s Court in 1990. Located in the outer parts of Austin, the Preserve is formed by Hamilton Creek dribbling over the crown of a limestone rock structure, conceiving a natural waterfall, and an emerald green swimming pool. The place is an asylum to birds like Golden-cheeked Warbler and fish species along with native plants like canyon mock-orange. This nature conservancy spot is extremely well received with visitors, so if you visit in the warm months you have reserve waiting time to take a plunge in the green waters. We can assure you that it’s worth the wait at this one of the top 10 places to visit in Texas.

El Paso

El Paso is located on the outskirts near to the Mexican boundary in the distant western tip of Texas on the left bank of Rio Grande. El Paso is also identified as Sun City as it flaunts unbelievable sights when the sun goes down over the Franklin Mountains. There are numerous incredible spots in El Paso, few of these wonders include the Centennial Museum, the Museum of Archeology, and the Chihuahuan Desert Gardens. El Paso, home to diverse flora and fauna offers rich cultural sites and opportunities to be fascinated by the outdoors. If you are looking for something adventurous visit the Franklin Mountains State Park and Hueco Tanks State Historic Site.

San Antonio

San Antonio’s key city in south-central is cushioned in the South Texas Plains. San Antonio is rich with the cultural heritage of its colonial past thereby making it one of the great places to visit in Texas. The city’s nightlife is thriving and the streets are filled with loads of restaurant options to dine at. San Antonio is full of tall structures and in the busy city, the River Walk is a peaceful city park surrounded by a cypress tree is a network of walkways by the banks of San Antonio River. The landmark pedestrian promenade pulls in many visitors to its hotels, shops, and abundant fresco food options. San Antonio downtown hosts the famed Alamo, an 18th-century Spanish mission. San Antonio marks history and is also a place booming with modern attractions. You can take a tour of the Casa Navarro State Historical Park or be in awe of the wide-ranging collection at the Institute of Texan Cultures.

Texas Hill Country

In the focal point of Texas is Hill County, where an assortment of cultures combines to make a blend of history, legacy and food. Hill County is full of places to enjoy the natural beauty and hiking opportunities. You can hike and camp at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area or take a plunge in the waters at the Hill Country State Natural Area, which is also good for fishing. To get a glimpse of German culture you can visit Fredericksburg as the band was inhabited by German settlers in the 19th century. You can pop in at the winery for a tasting in Fredericksburg, embrace the bratwurst sausage and fermented sauerkraut at a legitimate brewery or go for bargain hunting at the market for Bavarian porcelain. No wonder it is one of the unique places to visit or tourist attractions in Texas that you shouldn’t miss.


The state capital of Lone Star Texas, Austin, the Live Music Capital of the country centered around country, blues and rock type of music, surely feels biodiverse from the remainder of Texas. Austin has a youthful population and hosts the flagship campus at the University of Texas. Austin’s culinary and cocktail scene is worth exploring. The diverse entertainment districts offer hip clothing shops, live music restaurants, world-class museums like the Blanton, galleries and what not. Barton Creek, an offshoot of River Colorado in Travis County is filled with the scenic paths and blue waters which is surrounded by protected lands.


Houston is the largest city in Texas filled with pretty architecture and Tex-Mex food like the original steak fajitas with weather being humid around the year. You can easily spot cowboys and celebrities alike. The NASA Mission Control Center is also located here which is one of the coolest places to visit in Texas Houston. Many cultural fests are taking place in Houston with diverse communities like the Japanese, Caribbean and Polish proudly residing in the cosmopolitan city. Houston is where you’ll come across Rice University and the upscale markets like The Galleria. Houston’s biggest haunts are set in the Warehouse District. You can take the Downtown Tunnel System and bathe in the sights from the 60th floor Chase Tower Observatory.

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

The Sixth Floor Museum archives the story of the assassination and the legacy of President JFK including his personal and political life. In fact, this place is located in the Texas School Book Depository, where evidence of the President’s assassination was found. The exhibit looks as it was in the 1960s drawing attention to the sniper’s roost, Oswald’s wedding ring, related films and more. Walking tours are prevalent here to know more about the incident that shaped American history. All these reasons make it one of the nices places to visit in Texas that you must add in your itinerary.

What’s next?

Whether you are looking for the best places to visit in Texas Dallas or some of the incredible Texas tourist attractions, the above guide covers everything. In the great Lone Star state, you can please your palette with a nice Texas-style Barbecue and experience the original Tex-Mex local specialties. Listen to good music from blues to indie-pop at the local bars in Austin. The southern star awaits your arrival.

About Author: Shivangi Mujumdar