Malaysia is a diverse country that is multi-ethnic and multi-religious in Southeast Asia and one of the richest and most developed countries. It is a small country with a fast-growing economy. Its location makes it a very favorable place among people all over the world. Malaysia places to visit are packed with sprawling scrappers and a contemporary touch fused with colonial architecture.

Over the years it’s become a hotspot (Not the Covid one I assure) for tourism.

When you’re planning a trip to Malaysia, here are some of the best places to visit in Malaysia that have to be on your itinerary list.

Petronas Twin Towers

It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. These are the tallest twin structures founding in the world. With a high rise of 88-stories, these feature Skybridge- a double-decker connecting structure between the towers along with the headquarters for Petronas Company and other offices. Other several famous tourist attractions are Kuala Lumpur Convention center and Suria KLCC Mall.

The towers have an Islamic-inspired architecture carved and the area circumference around it features the well-maintained KLCC Park. You can avail all these facilities and enjoy these attractions and more, by making the use of 170 meters elevator inside.


Malaysia’s Peranakan city of Malacca is an absolute worthwhile stop for its ancient historical, culturally rich, and colonial sites. An interesting fact is that UNESCO declared Malacca as a World Heritage Site in 2008. For history lovers, it is one of the most famous tourist places of Malaysia that you must add in your itinerary.

Visitors are rarely disappointed by the beauty of the ancient old town in Malacca. If nothing else, the relaxed soothing atmosphere and the vibe is pleasant to keep people busy around for a few days. The close proximity to Kuala Lumpur makes getting there by bus easy. The train isn’t an option in Malacca.

Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions that you have to add in your final list of Malaysian places to visit. Its pristine location makes it one of the best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for sightseeing and it is also the highest deck in the city and gives a clear and elegant birds-eye view of the entire city of Kuala Lumpur.

The tower also constitutes the highest McDonald’s outlet to exists in the world. One more interesting anecdote about the Menara KL tower is that it is ranked as the fourth-highest telecommunication towers in the world.


It’s considered as one of the best places to visit in Malaysia for solace especially for people for metropolitan cities and the everyday hustle-bustle that sometimes gets exhausting and tourists in need of a recharge. The beach town of Malaysia which is Desaru has been touted as the most beautiful and paradise place for city people who long for such spaces. Just a two hours’ leisurely drive from Singapore there are a lot more surprises awaiting, a lot more than the grandeur of resorts awaits.

Stroll along Desaru’ white sandy beaches, get up close with the local pre-historic beasts, splash and slide at the Desaru Waterpark, Savour the catch of the day at the TanjungBalau Fishing Village and Museum and loads more! Places to visit at Malaysia are recognized for their unique charm and you will come to know this fact when you come to Desaru.

Cameron Highlands

These are one of the oldest tourist attractions of Malaysia. Providing a cool escape from the heat of the lowlands, the Cameron Highlands are located in the Titiwangsa Mountains. These were developed keeping in mind an old rustic English garden charm. This absolutely spectacular beautiful tableland offers lush scenery, forests, lakes, wildlife and outdoor recreation. As Malaysia is a chief tea and flower producer, the Cameron Highlands also have an abundance of sprawling tea plantations and colorful vibrant flower farms. Many of these establishments are open to the public. Several pictorial golf courses are available for golfers.

Kota Kinabalu

The capital of the Sabah State in Malaysian Borneo, Kota Kinabalu has gained prominence in the past few years and is a fast-growing tourist destination due to its close proximity to the tropical islands, rainforests, wildlife refuges,  wildlife, national sanctuaries and parks. It also has Malaysia’s tallest peak, Mount Kinabalu, which is Commonly called KK by locals there, Kota Kinabalu has a small city center, boasting a number of landmarks, memorials and an observatory, which offers splendid views of the city.

Just minutes from the main city exists the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park features five small islands that are ideal for snorkeling, diving and swimming. No wonder it is listed as one of the ideal places to visit in Malaysia for adventure seekers.

Your Journey Doesn’t End Here

When yore visiting a new place it is important and always beneficial to experience it the local way. It helps you understand the deep-rooted culture and historic significance that the place upholds. Try homegrown food products, explore the markets and interacts with people. Make sure you also respect the religious sentiments of people and place and don’t do things that may not be acceptable to people there. Therefore it is important to do research. The beauty of the internet is just a click that can expand so much horizon for us and streamline our thoughts. Learning basic local words such as salutation good day, hello, thank you can also help bridge the barrier if you’re a tourist from a foreign country. It helps you acclimatize yourself with the people.

There’s so much to do and if you’re on a budget less time. Tourist places of Malaysia will definitely impress you with their extraordinary charm. Having a detailed itinerary planned will be very useful and help you make the best use of your stay. If you are planning to visit some other must-visit countries near Malaysia then don’t forget to check our other travel guides.

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