Georgia is the state most significant in the east of the Mississippi. A trip to Georgia offers visitors the opportunity to experience spectacular natural views, unspoiled wildlife, and unbelievable cultural areas. Georgia places to visit provides all that travelers want: low rates, hospitality, fantastic and reasonable transport, spectacular mountains, seaside beaches, exciting city life, and tasty food and drinks.

Georgia is now considerably growing and attracting visitors from Europe and Asia, from the Caucasus Mountains, all the way from snow-covered peaks of Svaneti to the glamorous Black Sea beaches. The country has now expanded. Unparalleled in its rugged landscape, unchanged by tumultuous past. We are here to look at the best places to visit in Georgia that you must add to your itinerary:

Tusheti National Park

Tusheti National Park is the ancestral home of the people from Tush, who come from Russia and Chechnya to the north banks of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. It is beautiful, perfect in relief, with rugged peaks and grass-roofed hills as far as possible there becoming one of the coolest places to visit in North Georgia. There are just a few roads, and there are villages in the cloudy mountain tops, which have historical stone houses, such as Dartlo, that are almost organically located in Georgian fields, surrounded by rural sheep farms, swaths of spruce woods to boot.


Tbilisi, Georgia’s influential emerging city, is the nerve center of Georgia’s drive into contemporary. It is a traditional town, making it ideal for exploring the combination of ancient and modern life in the world. The village runs along the banks of the River Mtkvari bubbling there becoming one of the top places to visit in Georgia Atlanta. Old Tbilisi’s centerpiece combines enigmatic Byzantine temples, wooden balconies, and a sometimes-striking piece of contemporary art. The Narikala hilltops, cathedral tops, and bulwarks stand overhead, lined with hills, while the Vake district is well-to-do with open-air fountains and quaint parks.


If you are searching for some of the fun places to visit in Georgia USA with family then come to Borjomi. Today’s town has much more to show than just its sulphuric, volcanic springs, while Borjomi, a savage, uber-frizzante concoction favored by former George masters, is regarded as the source of its mineral water. First of all, the climate is lovely, and the city is situated among Borjomi Gorge ridges. The enchantment faces of Russian colonial sculpture, furnished in beautiful yellows and ochres, touch the city park’s fountains and the grassy lawns. The strange Green Cloister lurks on the town’s outskirts, surrounded by primeval forests and grim tales of the monks’ massacres from the Middle Ages.


Cut off into the sandy rock faces rising like phalanxes in the deep south of Georgia, in the Mtkvari River meandering, Vardzia remains without a shadow of a doubt one of the most stunning views in the world. Numerous layers of monolithic ruins, caves occupied by the Bagrationian dynasty, dated at least in the middle of the 12th century, when they began to commission the first buildings in the outline of Mount Erusheti. However, the Dormition’s splendid Church is the must-see, a stone temple that displays an attractive assembly of murals and iconostasis combining oriental, Byzantine, and romantic designs. All these reasons make it one of the unique places to visit in South Georgia during any time in the year.


Mtskheta is situated on the River Aragvi’s confluence’s low banks, a short drive from Tbilisi’s capital. The city has come to cater to huge crowds throughout the year and hailed one of the nerve centers of the Georgian Orthodox Church with its several Christian sites and importance. You can visit the glorious rises and the majestic frescoes of the Grande Svetitskhoveli, one of the finest places of medieval Georgian religion and revered Georgian Pilgrimage region, or the hill Jvari Monastery growing up above Mtskheta, a unique blend of Tetraconch, Hellenistic, Byzantine, and Georgian architecture.


Many hamlets and dabas, deep in the Svaneti mountains’ legendary nation, covered by the Great Caucasus’ snow-covered peaks, are hardly unhesitating to attract a waste of their time. With its square-cut, stone-coated towers that majestically emerge from the Chestnuts and Birch Groves, they readily identified the Georgian history and tradition of centuries. Today, with this modern airport carrying new guest homes and increasingly linking the special architectural districts of Lekhtage with Lagami. Others arrive at the Chalaadi and walk on the pathways to the vast Ushba range at a distance.


Gudauri is more than 2 000 meters above the lower valley and crossed over to be one of the most prominent sports destinations globally and an appropriate substitute, the busy Alps at the edge of northern Georgia. Skiers and boarders enjoy a moderately snowy spectrum of tracks from 22 km of blue newcomers to 10 km of demanding Black Tracks. Also, the season runs until April, and new investments ensure that all Doppelmayr lifts are fast. If it is your kind of thing, the resort also hailed as one of the Heliskiing World Centres!

Lake Ritsa

One of the first places to see in Georgia is the sparkling waters of Ritsa Lagoon set deeper in a valley of the Caucasus and surrounded by green Buxus, and Nordman first plucked directly from the Austrian Alps. In Georgia, between the Abkhazian mountains, there is a beautiful alpine sanctuary. The lake and the nearby woodland are an excellent place for walkers looking to visit one of the most unpolluted natural environments here, though boating and diving in the frozen waters.


The Kingpin of the Georgian East takes his position between the sloping foothills of Tsiv-Gombori. Telavi was formed for over two thousand years by the Romans, Kakheti princes, Georgian monarchs, and even Russian tsars. Instead, we need to find an odd architectural collection, ranging from Dzveli Galavani ‘s great bulwarks that the dynastic rulers left behind during the 9th century to the Batonis Tsikhe, a witness to the medieval period of Late History. Many tourists would be amazed by the 45-meter high Sycamore Tree, sinewy, 900-year-old bark, and the Alaverdi Monastery, which sits on the city’s outskirts amid the mountains.


The horizon around impressive Stepantsminda is overshadowed by Mount Kazbek’s ice rim and muscular ridges at these kinds of tourist attractions in Georgia Atlanta. A town which is at once remote and wild, profoundly nestled in the Caucasus ridges of Mtskheta-Mtianeti. It is possible to see two of the natural wonders that helped drive Stepantsminda on the frontlist of ecotourism and the adventurous journey boom in Georgia along Kazbek’s massifs overlooking the city. Expect lots of camping activities and a range of other games, from hang-gliding to rafting and scrambling rocks on the tips of the grand Holy Trinity Cathedral.


Zugdidi is the fine stone for further exploration in Svaneti, Samegrelo, on the coast of the Black Georgian sea and Abkhazia’s autonomous region, surrounded by the rocky ridges of the Greater Caucasus, just south of the mountains. This provincial capital is relatively young, the home of the exquisite facades and the spectacular architectural settings of the Dadiani Palace in breathtaking crenulations right in the middle over the waters of the Chkhoushi river. Sports in Martvili Canyon or the famous thermal springs lurk near the city in the hinterlands are explored by others.


In the heart of the glorious Svaneti region, Ushgul, a string of five villages, bears his name with pride. Set over 2,000 meters above sea level between cattle fields and crooked farms. The region consists of Chazhashi and Zhibiani, which pepper the grassland under the shimmering ice in Shkhara Glaciers, as old objects that have been scattered haphazardly across the highlands of tourist attractions of Georgia. The location still houses a fascinating ethnography museum, renowned for hiding the national treasures of Georgia through times of national conflict and hardship.

What’s Next?

Georgia seems to blend as well within its walls, from the snow-covered mountains of the high Caucasus to the beach resorts of the Black Sea, from bustling towns to quaint, cobbled city streets, it almost seems to have been a world in and of itself. Whether you are looking for relaxing or romantic places to visit in Georgia USA, the above travel guide covers everything.

And to be frank, that alone makes it incredibly adventurous, super-pleasurable and super unforgettable to come here without talking about the culture, the hospitality or the fantastic prices that this country offers. If you are planning to discover nearby places to visit in Georgia then don’t forget to check out our North America travel guide.

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