Europe is the center from where the exploration of other places begun. It is the continent that is surrounded by three water bodies, the Atlantic and Arctic oceans on the north and west sides and the Mediterranean Sea towards the south. Along with that connection to the landmass of the largest continent Asia towards the east. Whether you are looking for the best places to visit in Europe in summer or top tourist attractions of Europe, here you will find the presence of history through art and architecture along with modern elements.

It’s one place where you will find everything, museums, outdoor scenic views, sandy beaches, different types of cuisine, lifestyle and more. So, here are some of the top Europe places to visit that you must add to your itinerary when you go on a tour to Europe:

Blend with the Mythologies in Greece

Greece is also known as Hellas is located in the southeastern part of Europe, in the Mediterranean Sea; it’s a popular destination for Ancient History as well as for its beautiful beach islands. There are cities that you can’t miss when you visit Greece like the capital city Athens where you have the ancient Acropolis, Parthenon, the Old temples of Athena and Olympian Zeus and more. Next up is the popular city of Santorini that is known for the Aegean island that has white house villages, beaches and the ruins of Minoan. You should visit the Red beach, Paralia Vlichada and enjoy the Winery Tours at Santo wines. Explore your taste buds with authentic Greek cuisine and enjoy the nightlife in Mykonos and other cities of Greece. No wonder it is one of the top places to visit in Europe in December that you shouldn’t miss out.

Get Charmed in Portugal

Portugal is a country that has abundant of heritage to share with the world, which makes it have century-old stories, monuments and culture to show the tourists. Located on the Iberian peninsula, It offers beautiful beaches along with landscapes of the mountains and greenery. Lisbon is the capital city known for its beaches and seafood cuisines. It gives tourists, a glimpse of Maritime history, Religious monuments with its cultural touch of Fado music. Popular attractions are Lisbon Cathedral, Praca do Comercio, Belem Tower, Carmo Convent and more. The Ribeira and Wine District is your next stop, Porto. Here you will find many wine lodges, beaches, authentic cuisine and the most famous hand-painted tiles: Azulejos tiles on famous buildings which are Sao Bento Station, Igreja do Carmo, Santo Ildefonso and more.  Churches like Clerigos church, Monument Church of St. Francis and Porto Cathedral and so many parks and gardens along with modern contemporary buildings. There are many cities like Faro with Algarve beaches, Douro and Madeira: the wine hubs, Sintra where you will find peace in mountains. Enjoy the street art and walks in Portugal.  

Blend with Art in France

France has all of the things you look for when you want to travel to a new place; art, cuisine, culture, fashion and history. It even has the city of romance: Paris, which is the capital city as well as the melting pot of cultures. And one can’t miss the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Cathedral of Notre-dame, Cafes and so much more. Cannes is known for its International Film Festivals and Walk of Fame and one can’t forget the majestic golden beach. All the wine lovers must make a trip down to Bordeaux because this place is the hub of wine in France. There are many more places like Nice, Marseilles and Normandy that offer so much more like the authentic cuisine, art, local market places and more. Don’t forget to try the different types of cheese with the traditional French bread “Baguette”.      

Enjoy the Coast in Spain

The Sunshine Coast is what Spain is known as because it has beautiful beaches and one of the most popular cities for tourists to enjoy beautiful beaches, peaceful mountains and ethnic architecture and the love for football. You will find cities like Barcelona popular for nightlife where you can visit famous clubs like Resin club Barcelona. When in Barcelona, one can’t miss the Gaudi architecture in the buildings of La Sagrada Familia, Park Guel, Casa Mila and Casa Batllo. The coastal front where you can enjoy water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, cliff diving, paddle surf and so much more. You will also find museums and galleries of which Pablo Picasso’s museum is one of the most famous Europe tourist attractions. Spain’s Capital Madrid is most popular among the tourist for its Tapas bars, Habsburg architecture, royal gardens, dance and cuisine culture. You will find art museums like Prado here. In Seville, one can see the Jewish quarter and the most famous Alcazar castle with the traditional Bullfights. When in Spain don’t miss the Tomato festival and the Bull race and get mixed with the art, music and culture.  Without any doubt, it is listed amongst one of the unique places to visit in Europe in March.

Explore Royalty in England

Located in the United Kingdom, England shares borders with Wales and Scotland, it’s a picturesque place with low hills and plains and Mountains to the north. It holds of importance because of the culture and the history of the world. One will always want to have an English breakfast with Earl Grey Tea. Over the years it has become a prominent country that one must visit for its museums, architectural buildings, green parks and historic monuments. You have cities like London, Bath, Birmingham, Manchester and many more. These offer you many iconic tourist attractions of Europe like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower of London and so many Museums like The British Museum, National History Museum, The National Gallery and more. This is also the source of English Literature, so naturally, you will find Shakespeare’s Globe and Westminster Abbey, Palace of Westminster, Hampton Court Palace York Minister and Windsor Castle. Once will find many historic monuments too like Stonehenge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Roman Baths, Hadrian’s Wall and more. There are many open spaces for  Parks that hold significance and a lot of Castles and forts too. There are a few modern things like the Shard, the O2 and the London Eye.       

Relive the Renaissance in Italy

Italy is known as a boot-shaped country and has offered so much to the world right from literature, art, fashion, architecture to the most world-renowned cuisine. You can’t miss Pizza and Pasta when you talk about Italy so make sure you have a big appetite because the country has plenty of food coming down your way. Rome is the capital city and also home to the Vatican that many pilgrims visits to the St. Peter’s Basilica, other than the city offers mesmerizing art, paintings, sculptures and architecture from the Renaissance and The ancient ruins of the Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum and Trevi Fountain. You can see the magnificent ceiling painting by Michelangelo. Next up you have the city that is popularly known for it’s a unique way of travel through the canals, Venice. You will find bright pastel building, canals and bridges with Renaissance art and Gothic-styled architecture. Hotspots are St. Mark’s Square, where there is St. Mark’s Basilica and Campanile, Doge’s Palace, Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge. Other cities you need to travel to Naples, Milan, Pisa, and Florence for fashion, cuisine, lifestyle and you can’t miss the leaning tower of Pisa and Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” painting.

Reminisce History in Germany

Surrounded by the Baltic Sea and the North Sea with beautiful Alps Mountain ranges and uplands, Germany is located in the north-central part of Europe. One will find ruins of the world war with reunified Germany through art, literature, folklore, monuments, and green sceneries. It is one of the most powerful economies, which it depicts through the urbanized west and the agricultural east where you will find forests and hills. Berlin is the capital city, which offers just all that to the tourist. Right from history to cuisine, it has medieval castles, churches, picturesque villages, market towns. The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall Memorial, East Side Gallery are the most popular attraction for the context of the city divide. There is also Museum Island, Pergamon Museum and Berlin Cathedral that have ancient art collects with artistic architecture. The modern architecture and world-renowned Berliner Fernsehturm is a viewing platform, which gives the view of the whole city. Munich, the heart of football lovers and beer halls, it is a gastronomy capital that offers Bavarian food. It has a rich history that is stored in the museum and has estates of castles like Nymphenburg Palace, Marienplatz, Munich Residenz, New Town Hall and Hofbrauhaus Muchen. One can’t miss out on the other cities of Germany like Frankfurt, Hamburg and many more that offer the nightlife and also the theatre and opera aspects to enrich the cultural elegance.

What’s Next?

This is the continent where you will revive the history, art, culture and lifestyle and many more elements. Europe not only offers picturesque landscapes but also many architectural monuments that are both traditional styled as well as modern styles. It a place that has it all and you can’t miss out on it whether it is the English tea, the French wine or the German Beer. Every country of Europe has its own significance and standings these are just few of the places there are more than you can tour on.

Whether you are looking for cool places to visit in Europe in November or the cheapest places to visit in Europe in February, the above travel guide covers everything. So pack your bag to start Backpacking through Europe. 

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