An orchid farm looks beautiful and is heaven for those who love horticulture and nature.

What are orchids? Orchids are plants that belong to the Orchidaceae family and are called orchids. These plants have diverse and extensive groups of flowering plants with fragrant and colourful blooms. Orchidaceae is one of the largest family of flowering plants together with Asteraceae. Orchids are perennial herbs that do not have any woody structure. Two patterns of orchids grow mainly known as monopodial and sympodial. Examples of monopodial orchids are vanilla and vanda. While sympodial orchids are cattleya.

Orchids are also a symbol of prosperity, purity, good health, and good luck. There are a wide variety of orchids that can be found in the orchid farms with different shapes, colours, and fragrances. The orchid farms can give you a glimpse of rare and exotic orchids. So, if you are planning to visit some of the beautiful orchid farms, here are some places you must visit:

Akatsuka Orchid Gardens, Hawaii

Located on a big island, near Hawaii’s volcanoes this orchid farm is in the beautiful tropical island called Hawaii. Founded in 1974 by the Japanese expert orchid grower Mr Moriyasu Akatsuka, this orchid farm has an area of 13,000 sq ft with over 500 orchids. Some varieties of orchids found here include phalaenopsis, dendrobiums, and odontoglossums. Orchid hybrids and mother plants are also displayed here. The best time to visit this orchid farm is between May and August as you can see the volcano queen orchid at this time which is also called the $20,000 orchid plant.

Orchid Garden Kuala Lumpur

Also, known as Taman orkid this orchid farm boasts more than a thousand orchid species that are of Malaysian origins. There are 6000 colourful species of orchid in one place. There are educational tours on weekends with the park being open to the public every day. Hence, if you want to explore the diverse species of orchids in a single place, this should be one of the must-visit orchid farms on your list.

Gothenburg botanical garden, Sweden

One of the biggest botanical gardens in Sweden as well as Europe, this orchid farm is home to 1600 orchid species. Moreover, this species is divided into four houses of orchids, based on the climates. In March and April, the orchid plant called epiphytes are a sight to behold for visitors. The other must-see orchid plants here are Disa unifora, rare insect-eating orchid plants and the terrestrial orchid.

Durban Botanic Gardens, South Africa

The oldest botanical garden in South Africa, it extends up to 15 hectares. This garden also has smaller gardens like the stunning orchid house, tea garden, herbarium and sensory garden which is an award winner. Located on the botanical gardens’ road the beautiful flora and fauna of this place provide a soothing environment from the busy lives of the cities. Moreover, this orchid farm has various exotic species like cycads, bromeliads, and different orchids of over 75 man-made as well as natural origins with the most breathtaking being the cattleya orchids.

Visitors also get to see here wildlife like bees, frogs, rare birds, and butterflies due to its diverse flora. There are also many exhibitions and musical concerts which you can enjoy here, in case you are wondering what are the things to do in orchid farms. Besides, this travel guide will help you to easily visit South Africa.

National Orchid Garden, Singapore

The Singapore Botanic Garden is world-class and has various extraordinary attractions such as the VIP orchid garden, the cool house, the Tan hoon siang mist house, and the celebrity orchid garden. The VIP orchid garden is named after the foreign dignitaries that visited the country like Duchess Katherine and Prince William. The cool house is complete with cool growing orchid species along with carnivorous plants and will give you a feeling of tropical highland cloud forest.

As the name suggests the celebrity orchid garden is like the Hollywood Walk of Fame. For example, there are orchid species that are christened after famous martial stars like Jackie Chan. Furthermore, the Tan hoon siang mist house has an exclusive collection of award-winning and prized orchid species. Besides, this is one of the best orchid gardens to visit in Singapore.

The Kaziranga National orchid and biodiversity park

Just 2 km away from the central range of Kaziranga, this biodiversity park is the largest in northeast India. Spread within 6 acres this orchid park has 600 varieties of wild orchids, which are preserved in the greenhouse along with the hybrid varieties. Besides, visitors can get a glimpse of exclusive orchids along with 50 species of bamboo and cactus, 140 species of sour fruits and other wide variety of local fishes, plants and animals of the water.

Another attraction of this national park is the different galleries representing animals, plants and culture of the local region. Moreover, there are also cultural programmes like the tribal dances by the locals. Moreover, if you are planning to visit India, there are some of the best tourist destinations in India.

The orchids of Chiang Mai

This orchid garden is one of the most beautiful orchid gardens in the world as it has a variety of orchids with vibrant colours, amazing shapes and pleasing fragrances. With more than 50 species of orchids on this farm, each has its natural charisma.

The Thai culture considers orchids to be auspicious and a symbol of prosperity and good luck. The exquisite orchids found on the farm are vanda, cattleya and dendrobium orchids. Moreover, visitors can get a view of the orchid farm where the orchids are in their various stages of growth. The passionate and knowledgeable tour guides will be happy to reply any queries that the tourists might have. The opening time of this orchid farm is from 8 am to 6 pm with reasonable admission rates. For anyone interested in horticulture and nature this farm is a paradise.

Fuqua Orchid Center, Atlanta Botanical Garden- Atlanta, Georgia

A bliss for orchid lovers the Fuqua orchid center boasts of extensive varieties of orchids. The orchid atrium has mixed orchids with tropical plants. For orchids native to Venezuela, Andes and Borneo you can visit the tropical high-elevation house. Moreover, the Asian slipper orchid is displayed at the orchid display house. There are also seasonal events like the Orchid Daze show which takes place at the Fuqua orchid center.

Soroa Orchid Garden, Cuba

Spring is probably the best time to visit the Soroa Orchid Garden as the stunning orchids are in full bloom during this time. The native orchids here are of hundreds of species each having its shapes, sizes and scents. The natives of this place are committed to preserving the beauty of the Soroa Orchid Garden. Also, guided tours are available here to answer any queries of the visitors with the staff being very knowledgeable.

Monteverde Orchid Garden — Monteverde, Costa Rica

The world’s wildest orchids are found here with the craziest looking flower which can be hardly seen anywhere. For example, huge tiger-striped plants to pink and white speckled blooms. With about 460 species of orchids displayed here, there are the larger ones as well as the smallest ones with a width of just 2 centimeters. Besides, this garden can be visited at any time of the year as 120 orchids bloom here every day. Hence, indulge yourself in the beautiful fragrances and amazing flowers of this orchid garden.

Deorali orchid sanctuary, Sikkim

Famous for its exclusive and extraordinary collection of orchids, this garden has orchids that bloom according to every season. The lovely orchids in beautiful shapes, vivid and bright colours with heavy and luxurious fragrances will enlighten your senses. Out of 454 species that exist in the world, 200 are found in this orchid farm. Moreover, the humid and tropical climate of northeast India favours the heavy bloom of the orchids.

The best time to visit this farm is from April to November. The blooming of the flowers is at its peak from April to November. Deorali orchid is an ecological hub where a rare kind of flower called rhododendron can also be seen. Located adjacent to the renowned Namgyal Institute in Gangtok, Sikkim this farm is one of the best orchid farms to visit in India. Besides, another orchid farm called Kyongnosia is located nearby which is a must-visit for the orchid lovers. Furthermore, this sanctuary is the best place to see some endangered and lesser-known orchids in the world.

To Conclude

Hence, these are some of the most beautiful orchid farms in the world which you must visit. Besides, do not forget to take the necessary accessories with you while visiting the orchid garden as it will make your journey easy and comfortable.

For example, sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun, water bottles to keep you hydrated along the way, rain coat in the rainy season. Furthermore, do not forget to wear comfortable shoes so you can cover long distances in the orchid farms easily.