Home to the picturesque Alps, shimmering lakes, soaring peaks, world-famous cheese and chocolate, medieval towns, green fields, you name it; Switzerland has everything to make it heaven on Earth.

Traveling to Switzerland is not even close to cheap, and the first realization will hit you when you get out of the train or airport station, and you will wonder how you’ve already spent that much money?

While it is very expensive, undeniable, it is also the most beautiful country in the world. Backpackers love traveling to Switzerland, and for them and other travelers, it isn’t a tough task to make the trip affordable.

There are many ways you can choose from to travel around. There is no right or wrong time to visit Switzerland, so here is a guide on the best ways to get around in Switzerland.

5 Best Ways to Get Around in Switzerland

1. Public Transportation

Every city and town in Switzerland are well connected with buses, trams, trains, funiculars, trains, etc. Their public transportation is reliable, clean, and safe. The cost may vary depending on the number of zones you visit and the length of time, but it will cost you between 2.50-5 CHF. 

2. Traserbas – Rent a Private Car Service

Traserbas is one of the highest-rated private car services in Switzerland. It offers transfers from Basel and Zurich airport. The prices are affordable, and you can book a car of your preference, minivan, limousine, or minibus for any occasion, and with a professional driver, the experience is elite and not pricey. 

3. SBB: Swiss Federal Railways

You can also utilize the many benefits offered by the Swiss Federal Railways. You may want to get a Swiss Travel Pass. The prices go higher in the range from around 225 CH for three consecutive days of use to 485 CH if you want to use it for 15 consecutive days. But the amount will turn out to be worth it if you use it well. It covers all the public transports; you get discounts on transports that are not covered, and you get free entry to the museums.

4. Ridesharing

Ridesharing service is a great way to save money. It is the cheapest and the most interesting way to get around the country. Ridesharing allows you to share rides with the locals, and you do that by splitting the amount for gas. You simply have to request a seat, and you’ll get matched with an available ride. 

5. Hitchhiking

Hitchhiking is also a great idea to get around the country. But remember that it is illegal to hitchhike on motorways. You can hitchhike at the gas stations. It is practiced a lot in the country areas and mountain regions, mostly in the places where public transport is not easily available. 

A few tips to avoid travel scams.

  • There is no such thing as free stuff. If you get approached by anyone who is forcing you to try something for free or giving you something that looks harmless for free, it is most probably a scam. So, maybe when they are putting a free bracelet on your wrist, they are stealing something on the side. 
  • In large areas, especially in the cities and crowded places, beware of pickpockets. 
  • Free hugs are just a spin on free stuff. Avoid taking free hugs from strangers on the streets while your pockets are full. 
  • Switzerland has many NGOs for help, so if people are trying to force you to donate, say thank you and walk away. 

Wrap Up:

Switzerland is one of the safer countries for all travelers and even backpackers who are traveling alone. The country has friendly people who will always help you to get around or show you ways. But to make it a bit easier for you, these are the five ways by which you can travel around and tips you should remember as a tourist as basic safety precautions. Now you know howt to get around in Switzerland, you can plan your journey with perfection. If you are looking for some more places to visit in Switzerland then don’t forget to check our other travel guides.